Give Once. Give to Many

OneDonation makes monthly or periodic giving easier. Too many worthy causes and not enough time? Well imagine a share type portfolio for your donations!

OneDonation allows you to set up a single budget for all your giving and divide it up across as many recipient organisations as you wish. This keeps you in control, is more flexible, and allows you to give to more varied organisations that you could by visiting multiple websites. All your donations are in one place. You can login any time and alter donation amounts, change charities or frequency of giving or simply STOP the process. You are in control.

Make one simple secure payment, distributed to multiple charities with one tax deductible donation receipt. Make tax time easy with one single donation receipt.

Make giving more convenient and more powerful.

• Decide how much you want to donate
This allows you to have a budget for giving without losing track. Rather than allowing multiple organisations to debit your bank or rather than making multiple online donations or worse writing cheques – you can control your monthly, quarterly or one off giving budget
• Allocate amounts to your favourite causes
Your charity list is the list of recipients to whom you are giving. You can add and remove causes from your list any time. Each month or quarter (as you have set) your donation is processed and sent to all the recipients on your list. If there you want to add a charity – say there is disaster relief you want to support , it's a quick click to add them to your lst. And if you no longer wish to give to a cause, you can remove them and redistribute your donation equally or unequally among the remainders.You are in control. Simple.
• Decide frequency
You can budget monthly, quarterly or simply make a one off distributed donation. For example, you may wish to budget $3000 per year. This equates to $250 per month. You set your causes and can distribute funds evenly to all your causes so you say you have 5 causes that’s $50 per month each. Alternatively you may wish to weight them according to your priorities, so you may have 5 causes with one at $100 and four at $37.50 each! Our neat calculator makes this process fun and simple.
• Donate
We take care of sending the funds to each charity according to your frequency settings
OneDonation does not store credit card details. All details are sent to our third party gateway provider Eway. Our encryption protects data during transmission. All data is protected by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to create an encrypted channel for communications over the internet to a value of 128-bits.
Your details are not shared with the charities unless you give express permission so you can stay anonymous and stay in control.

All donations are processed by the My Cause Gift Fund. A public Ancillary Fund ABN 43 106 238 101