Workplace Giving programs allow employers to actively engage with their employees and make positive community contributions.

Advantages for employees
Donations made through workplace giving, are from pre-tax salary. This reduces the salary for taxation purposes but doesn't affect the amount donated to the causees chosen by an employee. For example, if you give $100 per month to charities from your salary it will only cost you $68.50 per month (based on a marginal tax rate of 30% for taxable income between $25,001 and $75,000 and a Medicare Levy of 1.5%).

Advantages for employers
Companies can demonstrate their corporate social responsibility by participating in workplace giving. It is a straightforward and visible way for a company to demonstrate their commitment to philanthropy. Workplace giving sends the right signals to your stakeholders.

Total number of employees employed by workplace giving employers (no.) 2,504,598
Number of employees using workplace giving (no.) 101,204
Total donations given using workplace giving ($m) 23