Give Once – Give to Many

The Giving Network and mycause is a leading online charitable donation and fundraising service providing charities with an efficient and cost effective fundraising platform with no fee to the donor and minimal processing management fees to more than 1000 charities.Since launching mycause in 2005, The Giving Network has raised more than $AU10Million dollars for charity and established a fundraising platform to promote multiple events and challenges around Australia.

OneDonation is the creative initiative of The Giving Network, designed to enable individuals and organisations to create and manage their charitable giving using the unique Charity Portfolio donation system, thereby empowering charities large and small, to continue their good work in our community.

OneDonation is Australia’s first and only, one-stop online charity donation website that offers donors a unique, user-friendly solution to manage all their charitable donations.   Australians can now manage their Charity Portfolio to support one or more of their favourite charities, at regular times but with no charity mail and just one tax-deductible receipt that donors receive at the end of the financial year. 

By logging on to OneDonation.com.au at any time, donors can allocate their annual budget, choose one or more causes from more than 1000 listed, nominate the frequency with which they want to give, and receive just one tax-deductible receipt.  And, to keep track of their Charity Portfolio, donors can login to their account and run tax statements or receipts and invoices at any time.

Donations via OneDonation are processed through The My Cause Gift Fund ABN 43 106 238 101 and are distributed to the charities each month.

OneDonation, allows donors to remain anonymous or provide their details to their chosen charity if they choose.   Giving couldn’t be easier or more fulfilling.

With OneDonation you are in control of your giving.  You choose how much, how often.  You choose from more than 1000 charities nominate, which charity or charities you would like to support but receive just one tax-deductible receipt, annually.

This means there is no more worrying about where you put those donation receipts when it comes to tax time, making your end of financial year tax faster and easier to manage while at the same time, making a major difference to the charities you support. And, you can save on bank fees because you don’t have multiple direct debits from your account by multiple charities.

 Who is behind it?

 OneDonation.com.au is the brainchild of Tania Burstin, founder and Managing  Director of mycause.com.au

 Mycause is a fundraising and donation platform with over 1000 charity partners. The mycause platform allows users to create an

 online Fundraising Page for a charity of  their choice. Fundraisers get sponsored in events, challenges, personal celebrations

 and in tribute. Donors  leave a message and are immediately receipted.

 OneDonation uses the charity contacts and the skill and industry knowledge of the  team behind mycause to enhance its offering.