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Peter Hughes Burn Foundation

The Peter Hughes BURN Foundation (PHBF) is a not-for-profit registered charity that exists to meet the needs of burns survivors and their families in times of trauma. Peter Hughes, Principal of the Foundation, is the man whose swollen face was seen during the first hours of the news coverage from the Bali bombings in October 2002.
When a burn survivor receives a burn injury, family and friends also get affected from the burn and the burn can go far beyond skin deep. They may experience issues with self worth, lowered self esteem, impact on body image and the need for career retraining, strain on the family, relationship breakdowns and in some cases, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – all of which can contribute to isolation from society and become prisoners in their own home.
Professor Fiona Wood (Australian of the Year 2005), Peter Overton (Channel Nine News),
Jason McCartney (2002 Bali bombing survivor, Former Collingwood, Adelaide, North Melbourne AFL footballer) Luke Hughes (Perth Heat Baseballer), Sarah Wall (Retired Melbourne Vixens Netballer), Carol Mayer (burn survivor, mother) and Hadassah Aikari (burn survivor, mother) are working alongside Peter.
Dr Peter Maitz OAM, Dr Peter Haertsch OAM, Christine Parker and Frank Li (Concord Hospital Burns Unit) and Dr Dale Edgar (Royal Perth Hospital Burns Unit) have become Board Advisors of the Peter Hughes BURN Foundation.
All Burn Survivors deserve a normal life, when a Burn Survivor receives a burn injury they may experience issues and these may extend to the need for career retraining, strain on the family that all too often can lead to relationship breakdowns, issues with self worth, low self esteem, body image and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which can all contribute to isolation from society.
We empower the next generation of survivors, by helping to build their resilience and social esteem and establish or strengthen their relationships skills.
Free Services, Our services will always be freely available to all who need them, without regard to race, gender, age, political or religious belief, or economic standing.

Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW

'There's no place like home, but this is close'
Ronald McDonald House makes it possible for families to stay together at a time when they need it the most.
Our programs include Ronald McDonald Houses at Newcastle and Tamworth which provide accommodation for families whilst their child is receiveing treatment in the hospital, and Ronald McDoanld Family Rooms located at John Hunter Children's Hospital and Gosford Hospital, which provide home like facilities to make long hours within the wards a little easier.
 Our goal is to provide an atmosphere for families and their children where the familiar routines of home life can continue as much as possible. The House offers compassion and understanding in a stressful and often frightening time.

Our aim is to enhance and support existing services and to raise the public's awareness of the positive contributions individuals with Down syndrome make in our community.

foundation 21 is dedicated to helping ease the financial burden placed on families who have a child with Down syndrome. Without financial assistance some families may never have access to the extra services that their child requires.

At present, our focus is providing funding for speech therapy. It has been widely published that to maximise communication development in children with Down syndrome they should receive early and continuing instruction.

We raise funds through corporate sponsorships, donations, bequests and other fundraising initiatives, such as Buddy Walk and an annual gala dinner. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible

Avner Nahmani Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

The Avner Nahmani Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Limited is the only Foundation in Australia dedicated exclusively to Pancreatic Cancer. Its Vision is to double the number of survivors by 2020. All profits will be invested in research to help achieve this Vision. The trustees will always disburse funds to the nominated cause, however in the case that that is not possible, the funds will be disbursed to a DGR charity at the trustees discretion.

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Royal District Nursing Services VIC/ NSW


RDNS believes one of the best places to get well and remain independent is in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  We provide a range of nursing and healthcare services in your home, nursing homes, residential care facilities, schools and workplaces. 

When you are referred to us, we will assess your health needs and work with you to develop a care plan that best suits your requirements. Where appropriate, we also teach you or your family to provide the care, or parts of the care if you wish.

Your needs are our primary concern.  To ensure your total healthcare needs are met, we will assess your situation individually and prepare a personal, tailored healthcare plan.  Where possible, we will also involve your family, friends or carer in planning your healthcare.

Our services are delivered in an environment that promotes dignity, integrity and a respect for cultural, linguistic and social differences.

If you need more information about any type of care, or would like to talk about your care needs with one of our qualified staff, please call 1300 33 44 55. This line operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Montefiore Home is Australia’s leading aged care provider with a proud history spanning more than 120 years, and a commitment to provide exceptional levels of care.  Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of all our ageing Residents, within a secure, tranquil and Jewish environment.

The Home has campuses in Hunters Hill, Woollahra and Randwick.  It provides a full range of residential aged care services, a form of supported accommodation for the aged that provides higher levels of assistance than provided by other forms of aged accommodation, such as retirement villages and independent living units. This includes: 

  • Hostel (or Low-Level care) for Residents who require some assistance with daily activities.
  • Nursing Home (or High-Level Care) for frail or physically dependent  Residents requiring a higher level of nursing care
  • High and Low Special Care Units for Residents with dementia and other cognitive impairment requiring specialised care in a secure and caring environment
  • Respite Care, for short-term accommodation and provision of care in times of need.

Montefiore Residents enjoy 24 hour emergency staff assistance and outstanding kosher meals served in a restaurant-style environment.

Australian MPS Society

The Australian MPS Society is a non profit organisation formed by parents, relatives and friends of those suffering from a range of rare genetic disorders known collectively as the mucopolysaccharide (or MPS) diseases.
The MPS Society supports individuals affected with MPS, parents of affected children, other relatives and friends of affected children.  As well, we extend our support to those affected by related disorders and invite them to be members also. Professionals working in the MPS and related fields and all those interested in the MPS and related diseases are welcome to join the Society.
Our Mission Statement Is:
To value, nurture and support those affected directly or indirectly by Mucopolysaccharide and related diseases.
Our Aims Are To:
  • act as a support group for our members through
  • the provision of local family support networks,     
  • the publication of quarterly newsletters,         
  • the holding of biennial National Conferences and         
  • by providing relevant information;         
  • promote a partnership between families and professionals, both locally and internationally;     
  • promote community awareness of MPS and its impact on families and carers.

Our Vision
To touch the life of every young adult with cancer in Australia
Our Mission
To bring hope, inspiration and support to young adults with cancer through advocacy, awareness and programs
Our Ongoing Goals
To deliver outstanding services that meet the unique needs of young adults with cancer
To be Australia’s eminent charitable foundation supporting young adults with cancer
Lead the debate on the psychological and social care required for young adults with cancer
Participate in health promotion, advocacy and awareness campaigns that both highlight the needs of young adults with cancer and prevent the development of the illness
To manage The Warwick Foundation in such a way that promotes sustainability and longevity of existence



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SCIC - Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre

SCIC – Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre is a non-profit, charitable organisation under the direction of Professor WPR (Bill) Gibson AM.
SCIC receives Government funding to cover a percentage of the costs in running the program and has DGR endorsement to fundraise for the remainder.
The stated aim of the charity is to raise funds to assist all deaf people who obtain little benefit from conventional hearing aids have the opportunity to use cochlear implant technology and associated services to access the hearing world.
We engage individuals, the community, corporate and philanthropic groups to help us with our fundraising objectives.
The cost involved in giving either a deaf child or adult access to a quality of life that was previously denied them is between $70,000 – $100,000, with each cochlear implant device price making up $25,000 of this cost.
With close to 3,000 recipients, SCIC is now one of the largest and most experienced cochlear implant programs worldwide.
However, your support is crucial in our determination to provide individual care for every one of our recipients and in ensuring that no deaf person misses the opportunity to be part of the hearing world.
This makes SCIC second-to-none.

Berry Street looks after thousands of Victorian children and young people who:-

• have been denied the most vital ingredient for human development - a good childhood;
• cannot live safely at home because of traumatic family violence, serious abuse and neglect;
• will not recover from what has been done to them, unless they urgently receive the help they
need and deserve.

Soaring rates of substance use, family violence, child abuse and neglect mean that increasing numbers of Victorian children are suffering terribly.

We need to act now, so that:-
• more children experience a good childhood that equips them to become healthy,
functioning adults;
• our community will be a better, safer place to live for all of us - with less crime, mental illness,
substance abuse, violence and homelessness.

Berry Street is different because:-

• we never flinch from tackling the hard issues;
• we choose to work with those children, young people and their families who are hurting the
most and who have the most complex needs;
• we are absolutely determined to restore hope and trust to the lives of the children in our care.


Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) - Victoria

The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (RFDS) is one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations in the world. Using the latest in aviation, medical and communications technology, it delivers extensive primary health care and 24-hour emergency service to those who live, work and travel throughout Australia.

The RFDS is a not-for-profit organisation. While supported by the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments, the RFDS relies heavily on fundraising and donations from the community to purchase and medically-equip its aircraft, and to finance other major capital initiatives. Today, the RFDS has a fleet of 53 aircraft operating from 21 bases located across the nation and provides medical assistance to over 270,000 people every year – that’s one every two minutes.

Lynne King Cancer Care Foundation


You can live with cancer!
The possibility of your beating cancer, particularly in Australia, is increasing every year. From 1986 to 1997 those still living after five years from diagnosis increased by 20% for men and 15% for women. These rates increased again during the years 1998-2004. The 5 year survival rate for prostate cancer is now 85% whilst breast cancer is 88%. The incidence of melanoma in Australia is still among the world's highest, yet the 5 year survival rate is more than 90% for both men and women. There are many reasons given for this increase but all of them point to greater hope for those coping with cancer.
The Foundation
The Lynne King Cancer Care Foundation is a charity working to help those with cancer. It was formed in the memory of Lynne King, who as a nurse spent much of her life caring for those with cancer. The charity is registered with the Australian Taxation Department and all donations of AUD $2 or more are fully tax deductible.
However, all those associated with the foundation, including the trustees, are volunteers and receive no payment, either direct or indirect, for their services. Our web site is being developed and maintained by volunteers. Such is our commitment to helping those embarking on a journey that we are all too familiar with.
Good luck on your journey and remember you are not alone. We hope that our site will help you find some of the answers you might be looking for.

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headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health is the single biggest health issue facing young Australians. But by catching problems early, headspace can help prevent them from becoming more serious and long lasting.


headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation. Established in 2006, headspace is a world-first initiative that fills the gap in the mental health system by treating young people who have mild to moderate mental health issues.

To date, headspace has provided services to more than 100,000 young people. We reach them through a number of channels including:


headspace centres – with 55 centres across the country, any young person who needs support, advice or just someone to talk to about a mental health problem, drug or alcohol issue, general physical or sexual health problem or requires vocational and education support, can walk in and be treated with respect and compassion, within a confidential and safe environment.


eheadspace – our online and telephone mental health support service helps young people who don’t feel ready to attend a centre or who prefer to talk about their problems via online chat, email or phone.


headspace School Support - this newly-launched program is gearing up to assist school staff and students across the country deal with the complex issues they may confront in the aftermath of a suicide.


For more information or to find your nearest centre, please visit




Bay City Care is an initiative and community welfare arm of Bay City Church that will bring assistance to any persons who are homeless, unemployed, sole parents or otherwise disadvantaged including food, residential program and social welfare services.

Bay City Care is a not-for-profit organisation that works collaboratively with the community, government, non-government agencies and churches to address a range of social and immediate issues.

Leprosy Mission Australia

TLM is committed to the empowerment of individuals, families and communities affected by leprosy or at risk of the disease.  Such people often suffer from lack of choice and are usually powerless to change their situation.
TLM wants to help them enlarge their choices and to encourage and enable them to take part in decisions affecting their lives.
TLM’s goal is empowerment; not dependency. Empowerment enables each person affected by leprosy to reach their potential as a full participant in their community, which gives them pride, dignity and a sense of worth.  In the end, we want to hear people say, "I've been cured of leprosy AND I am a valued and respected person."
TLM works in partnerships with individuals and communities affected by Leprosy in 29 countries worldwide, where people have been affected by leprosy, in order to restore and enhance human dignity, self-reliance and quality of life.  The Leprosy Mission does all of its work in and under the name of Jesus Christ.
Over 2000 national & international staff, work together to provide appropriate medical, educational and other services to meet the many needs of people affected by leprosy.
The Leprosy Mission Australia concentrates its focus of work within India, Nigeria, D.R Congo, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Nepal, Thailand and Myanmar.

Carpets for Communities


Carpets for Communities is a not-for-profit social enterprise which aims to break the cycle of poverty through supporting education and sustainable development solutions.
Our aim is to empower mothers from the Poipet community to earn an income by producing hand-made, eco-friendly carpets. Helping these mothers to escape poverty enables their children, who were at risk of child labour and human trafficking, to return to school.
Once the family has stabilized we encourage and support them to develop their own business by providing them with capital through micro-finance methods. Our project aims to offer immediate intervention, followed by a transition to a more sustainable solution through various micro businesses.

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Motivation Australia

Motivation Australia is a not for profit disability and development organisation that works in partnership with local organisations to enhance the quality of life of people with mobility disabilities in the Asia Pacific region, including rural and remote Australia.

Motivation Australia programmes aim to improve opportunities by positively impacting on disabled people's physical, social and economic situation to enable their full participation in society. We work in partnership with a range of organisations - from grassroots disability groups to national governments and international institutions - to ensure that local people and organisations have the skills to meet the needs of disabled people in their communities and to affect positive lasting change.

A major focus of our work is the appropriate provision of wheeled mobility. Our vision is of a world that promotes everyone's right to mobility and inclusion. We believe mobility is an essential human right that enables people to achieve inclusion in all aspects of life.

Public school principals across NSW nominate 6-15 year olds for a twelve-day stay at Stewart House. These children need a break from their regular schooling and family commitments for any number of personal reasons including geographical isolation, neglect, bereavement, trauma, self-esteem issues or respite from home carer responsibilities.

While at Stewart House, children:

  • Receive free eye, health and dental screening and treatment
  • Establish friendships and routines in a safe community 
  • Participate in daily excursions and activities
  • Develop self care skills
  • Learn to relax and overcome anxiety
  • Are treated with kindness and respect

Stewart House has been providing this care since 1931. Stewart House relies on donations to continue to provide this vital service and needs $2.5 million dollars each year.

St Vincent de Paul - QLD

The Society is a lay Catholic organisation that aspires to live the gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice, hope and joy, and by working to shape a more just and compassionate society.

The St Vincent de Paul Society aspires to be recognised as a caring Catholic charity offering “a hand up” to people in need. We do this by respecting their dignity, sharing our hope, and encouraging them to take control of their own destiny.

The Helping Hands Program provides our supporters with the opportunity to directly partner with us in serving the most disadvantaged and marginalised in our community.

In Queensland, over 300 supporters currently utilise this program and find it a convenient and cost effective way of supporting a number of Society services, including:


  • Accommodation
  • Child and family
  • Mental health
  • Community support
  • and many other services

Calvary Mater Newcastle - Medical Oncology Experimental Therapeutics Group


Little Company of Mary Health Care, a national Catholic health care organisation, are stewards of the heritage of compassion begun by the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary, who came to Australia in 1885.
We serve communities and individuals through more than 20 health, aged and community care services throughout New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory by providing:
Public and private hospitals
Retirement living and residential aged care
Community care and
Comprehensive palliative care
Foundational to the spirituality of Mary Potter was the recognition of, and deep respect for, the unique dignity and beauty of the human person and a desire that all persons experience the care and concern of others.
Through interaction with our Calvary services, people will have a greater sense of their own worth and dignity.
Their experience will be that someone cares about whom they are, what they are experiencing and what they need.
Their needs will be met with a commitment to excellence in service and care.
This is the heart of “being for others”.

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