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Our school caters for students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities. We provide Personalised Learning Plans central to student development. Our approach to learning is focused on students becoming valued members of the community.

Vicdeaf’s mission is to raise awareness, promote communication, engage the community and develop human potential so that people who are Deaf or hard of hearing can enjoy equal opportunities across all areas of life. 
Our Work:
Vicdeaf achieves its mission by providing relevant, responsive and accessible supports, services, information, programs and education across the following areas: 
Audiological support, rehabilitation and devices; 
Disability Employment Services (contracted employment services for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, LGBTI with a disability or who have other disabilities);
Case management, independent living skills and supported accommodation;
Auslan (Australian Sign Language) community classes;
Auslan training for deaf migrants;
Auslan interpreters, note taking, captioning and video translations;
Public awareness and education programs (hard of hearing, deafness, listening behaviours); and
Community engagement.

Mirabel Foundation


'every child deserves a childhood'
Mirabel assists children who have been orphaned or abandoned due to parental illicit drug use and are now in the care of extended family (kinship care). Mirabel believes that every child deserves a childhood and its mission is to break the destructive cycle of addiction.
Mirabel supports children aged 0-17 years and works at restoring a child’s sense of self-worth, belonging and hope for the future in order for them to reach their full potential as young adults.
Mirabel believes that investing in children is the most compassionate and economic investment we can make.

Mission Australia is a community service organisation that has been transforming the lives of Australians in need for more than 150 years. Today we provide more than 550 community and employment services that help over 300,000 Australians a year.

Our vision is to see a fairer Australia by enabling people in need to find pathways to a better life. Walking alongside those in need, our 3,500 employees and 1,700 volunteers help them discover:Pathways to strong families and healthy, happy children 

Pathways through a successful youth
Pathways away from homelessness
Pathways for life and work-ready skills
Pathways to sustainable employment
Working together we strengthen families, empower youth, strive to solve homelessness and provide employment solutions. By learning from others and sharing what works well for us, we are able to deliver positive outcomes for individuals, families and communities.
We aim to stop problems before they start, provide support to prevent situations from getting worse and form partnerships to find long-term solutions to community issues.

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Mental Illness Fellowship - VIC

The Mental Illness Fellowship is Victoria’s leading membership-based not-for-profit organisation and our mission is to work with people with mental illness, their families and friends to improve their well being.

Our vision is of a society in which mental illness will be understood and accepted. In living our vision, the Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria is guided by the following values: Honesty, Acceptance, Equity, Flexibility, Commitment and Participation. We work closely within communities and embrace in our work the contributions of people affected by mental illness.

The Mental Illness Fellowship believes that:

    * Everyone will be affected by mental illness either directly or indirectly
      mental illness remains the last great taboo of society. For everybody’s sake we must stop the stigma associated with mental illness
    * People with a mental illness should be treated as equal and valuable individuals, who can and do contribute economically, socially, artistically and culturally to our society.

The Mental Illness Fellowship exists to make a real and positive difference in the lives of people affected by mental illness through:

    * Working with people with mental illness, their families and friends to achieve their own defined outcomes.
    * Providing a range of effective and innovative services in conjunction with health professionals providing treatment.
    * Creating a research agenda into the impacts of mental illness
      giving people a voice for change, a chance to end the stigma and to improve their quality of life.

The Mental Illness Fellowship was started as the Schizophrenia Fellowship of Victoria in 1978 by families of people with a mental illness who wanted to make a difference. We now have a deep rooted and long history of success and innovation. In 2001 it changed its name, and logo, to the Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria both to reflect the broader work of the organisation and to speak more directly on the impact of mental illness in people’s lives.

Cerebral Palsy Support Network

The Cerebral Palsy Support Network strives to change community attitudes towards people with cerebral palsy by providing information and awareness about the issues that impact on their lives.
Our vision is for a society:
- where people with cerebral palsy are not limited by their disability and have the right to live their life the way they choose.
- where diversity is enhanced, respected and celebrated.
- where people with cerebral palsy are included in community life, in real and meaningful ways
- where the community is understanding and has empathy for the feelings, experience and perspective of parents who have children newly diagnosed with cerebral palsy
- where family members and friends are supported in their caring role.

The Cerebral Palsy Support Network is a self-help organisation run by people who have a personal experience with cerebral palsy. It has been set up specifically to provide information, support and resources to children and adults with cerebral palsy and their families in Victoria, Australia.

The network provides a vital link to information, support and education about the issues and experiences that impact on the lives of people who have a personal experience of cerebral palsy.

Anam Cara (Soul Place) at Bray Park on Brisbane's northern outskirts, is a quality high care nursing home set in a tranquil, homely environment.  It is the only Eden Alternative registered site in the Brisbane metropolitan area.  Our Soul Place nourishes the soul, celebrates spirituality and responds to the individuality of all residents, their families and staff.

This unique residential facility houses six custom designed cottages, each with 17 or 18 private rooms.  All rooms are air conditioned and tastefully furnished, featuring ensuite bathrooms, patios and cabling for TV and telephone.  Adjoining communal areas provide opportunities for contact with loved ones (including via the internet).

The cottages are set in estate-like grounds against a backdrop of landscaped gardens, complete with fountains and aviaries.  The facility features a coffee shop, hair salon, chapel, outdoor BBQ, entertaining areas and a community centre.

Anam Cara is conveniently situated close to public transport, shops and schools, and is very much a part of the local community.  It also provides care in two secure households for people living with a diagnosis of Dementia.  Extra services are also available for up to 51 residents.


Our Vision
A community free of Parkinson's.
Our Mission
To enhance the quality of life of all people living with Parkinson's.
Parkinson's NSW Incorporated is a non-profit, community-based organisation which provides information, counselling and support to people living with Parkinson's disease, their partners, carers and families.
Parkinson's NSW seeks to make a positive contribution to the provision of treatment and professional support services for people with Parkinson's disease. We also provide in-service training and education for health professionals.

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Australian Melanoma Research Foundation

The Australian Melanoma Research Foundation is a not-for-profit charity organisation, established by a group of dedicated volunteers to provide funding for research into the causes, prevention and cure of Melanoma and Skin Cancer.
Our administration is very lean – almost all funds go directly to Research!
At present, our focus is to develop simple, low-cost treatments focused around vaccines and the immune system.

Lamm Jewish Library of Australia

The Lamm Jewish Library of Australia sees the merger of Makor Jewish Community Library with the communal libraries of Kadimah, the Holocaust Centre and the Jewish Museum, as well as the archives of the Australian Jewish Genealogical Society and the Australian Jewish Historical Society.
The newly expanded library is housed at 304 Hawthorn Road, in the property adjacent to Beth Weizmann Community Centre. The new facility provides improved access to all library collections, increased programs for the community and will serve as a hub for communal educational and cultural activity.
The State Government under former Premier John Brumby gave its seal of approval to the project in November 2010 when it presented the Zionist Council with a $1 million dollar grant for the expansion of the Makor Jewish Community Library. The grant was conditional upon matching funds being provided and the generous donation by Rafi Lamm and his parents Danny and Rolene has more than met that condition.
Dr Danny Lamm, immediate past president of the ZCV and current president of the ECAJ, said “The Lamm Jewish Library of Australia is poised to be a cornerstone of Jewish communal life and our family is delighted to be directly involved in its foundation and future development.”
Library Director Leonie Fleiszig noted “A small, humble Jewish library that began with a few books in a room at the first Beth Weizmann in St Kilda Road in the mid-1980s, will now be an invaluable community resource.” 2012 also marked 50 years of combined library service by Fleiszig and her predecessor Ros Collins, Makor’s first library director and a dedicated volunteer for the last decade. The two began working together at Makor in 1987. In 2010 the ZCV honoured Ros Collins with a Community Volunteer Award for her commitment.
The Lamm JLA, a modern hub of multi-faceted Jewish learning, includes state-of-the-art computer software, with cataloguing available in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. More than 30,000 books are available on the library shelves and thousands of audio-visual materials including dvds, cds, video cassettes, posters, journals in English, Hebrew and Yiddish are included in the collection. In addition to incorporating collections from Kadimah, the Holocaust Centre and the Jewish Museum, the library has received the private collection of Serge Liberman, the Ecological Society’s collection, Bereaved Parents and Glen Eira Library’s Judaica collection.
A new reception and security entrance provides safe entry to people who want to utilise the library, meeting spaces for community organisations, private areas for study and research, and open areas for discussion, book clubs, children’s story time and film screenings.

Red Cross is always there for people in need, providing relief in times of crisis and care for the most vulnerable in Australia and around the world.In times of conflict or natural disaster our volunteers are committed to putting our humanitarian values to work, offering practical assistance and support at any time of the day or night - no questions asked. With more than 100 million volunteers worldwide and 60,000 members and volunteers in Australia we can reach people and places like nobody else.

Red Cross cares for people whose lives have been touched by tragedy or disaster. A fire destroys a family home ... A bus carrying young children overturns on a winding road ... Floodwaters threaten a nursing home. Red Cross is committed to helping those in need in our community, from providing breakfast for hungry children every day to supporting the elderly and isolated in their own homes. Australian Red Cross is part of the world's largest humanitarian organisation, with more than 100 million volunteers in 186 countries. We are independent of government and have no political, religious or cultural affiliation

Can Assist: Cancer Assistance Network

Can Assist is a charity which provides accommodation, practical support
and financial assistance to country people in NSW affected by any type of cancer.
Some of the things Can Assist helps provide are:

  • Direct financial assistance to support individuals and families facing difficulties because of cancer; for accommodation, travel, utilities, wigs and other items.
  • Subsidised accommodation and wellness program at the Quest Apartments Bondi Junction in Sydney and Lilier Lodge in Wagga Wagga.

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Neil Sachse Foundation

Currently, more than 10,000 people with spinal cord injury are living in our community, with 400 new cases occuring every year.

Today they will never walk again.

Neil Sachse lives for the day that people with spinal cord injury will walk again.

From vision to reality

He established the Neil Sachse Foundation as a first step to curing spinal cord injury.

Thanks to vital community support, we have established the Neil Sachse Foundation Spinal Cord Injury Research Centre, to provide a dedicated laboratory for researchers and students.

As an integral part of the University of Adelaide's Neuroscience Research Insitute, the Centre will also become an international centre-of-excellence aimed at making a significant difference to the lives of people who suffer a spinal cord injury.

Research will focus on protection of nerves in the spinal cord immediately following damage caused by accidents or falls (neuroprotection) and to nerve regrowth (reconnection).

Your support will help these people take their first step to a better quality of life.

Cure Cancer Australia Foundation

Cure Cancer Australia’s single focus is to find a cure for cancer.

Our vision is a world without cancer, nothing less. Cure Cancer Australia champions innovative researchers in their quest to cure cancer and our role in the cancer space is an important one. We act as a front line source to provide vital start-up funding for innovative, ground-breaking research projects across all types of cancer. Since 1967, we have channeled over $15 million in the form of funding grants to national young researchers and have come to stand for integrity, excellence, and success in research.

Through gaining funding from Cure Cancer Australia, our brilliant young Australian researchers are granted a much needed opportunity to build on their ideas and develop a platform for their life-long aspiration to find a cure for cancer.

In 2011 , Cure Cancer is directing $1.8million of vital seed funding to 21 promising young researchers. These researchers work across the cancer spectrum in Australia’s leading hospitals, universities and institutes. Nine of these research grants are in collaboration with other cancer funding bodies and an additional six are in conjunction with Cancer Australia. This collaboration reduces duplication and the number of applications researchers need to submit.

Untold thousands of lives have been saved around the world as a consequence of the knowledge gained and the treatments developed from Cure Cancer Australia's funded research projects.Our researchers may just hold the key to a cure for cancer.

For more information or to make a donation visit

$50 funds one hour

$1,900 funds one week

$7,500 funds one month

$90,000 funds one year of vital cancer research.

Or if travel is your passion why not take a look at our exciting Inspired Adventure challenges coming

Why Yooralla? ... because disability doesn't discriminate.
Yooralla provides quality disability services for Victorians in need.

Yooralla, is a multi-faceted community based disability service provider, operating out of professionally managed administrative and service centres, kindergartens, schools, and other public facilities in community locations across Victoria.

Yooralla provides practical solutions for around 30,000 Victorians with disabilities annually. These solutions include therapy and equipment, accommodation and respite, employment and recreation, and independent living skills that improve mobility, communication, and quality of life.

Yooralla caters for children and adults who have acquired disabilities through road and recreational accidents, health problems, drug and alcohol abuse, and the effects of ageing, as well as people who are born with disabilities.

Community organisations like Yooralla rely heavily on the public for support, through donations, volunteering, and community awareness opportunities. For charitable organisations such as Yooralla to survive, they need stable and loyal funding.

Turning Point Drug & Alcohol Centre

That is why the Australian Liver Foundation was established in response to the huge and ever-growing need for more research into diseases of the liver and bile duct. Secondly, because of the need to develop community education for those 2 million Australians already affected.

The Foundation fosters collaboration amongst research institutions, universities and hospitals nationally, so that every effort may be put into sharing information and finding solutions to devastating diseases that afflict so many in Australia and internationally.

In this web site you will find examples of the research that the Australian Liver Foundation seeks to advance, as well as information on our supporters, partners and collaborators. You will also find information about our educational programs that we have established and the profiles of those who are benefiting from these programs.

The advancement of the Australian Liver Foundation results from generous benefactions, sponsorships and an enormous volunteer effort by specialists, medical researchers and lay people who give generously of their time and expertise.

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Can you imagine what it would be like to be homeless? Not knowing where you are going to sleep and how safe you will be.  You could be alone or with people you met on the street or even perhaps with your family.  This is what life has become for some. A life on the street, the unknown! For over 100,000 people in Australia, this scenario is a reality and the problem is growing.

How did Manna Inc. begin?

Manna Inc. began with the simple act of our founders, Bev and John, feeding a few homeless people in a nearby park. Since then we have grown to become one of the largest providers of meals to disadvantaged people here in Perth.

Our Hot ‘n’ Healthy Meals Program

At Manna we provide Hot ‘n’ Healthy* meals six nights a week at an inner city park.  The ‘Streeties’ become our family and we become theirs. Rain, hail or shine we will be there handing out fresh, Hot ‘n’ Healthy meals.  

In the past twelve months we have served in excess of 81,000 Hot ‘n’ Healthy meals to the homeless and struggling people of Perth.  The number of meals that we hand out on a weekly basis has doubled in this time and the demand continues to grow.

Who else does Manna help?

As time has gone on, we have seen other needs that we knew had to be addressed and so began our School Breakfast Program, Winter School Uniform Program, the School Cooking Facility, Special functions for Seniors, as well as the delivery of thousands of food parcels every year. The more contact we have with the community, the more we see that there is a greater need for the services we can offer. 

Whilst all of these different programs are meeting the physical needs of many people, the greatest gift that Manna gives is a sense of family - love, care, respect, and a much needed smile and hug. For many people that we come in contact with, from the children right through to the seniors, a hug that comes with no expectations, we have found to be worth more than gold. A relationship is formed and they become part of the Manna family… for many the only family they have right now that can be trusted to look out for their wellbeing. 

Here at Manna we love our big family and would love you to join us in assisting the homeless, the children and our precious seniors.

How can you help?

As a charity feeding the homeless and helping others in need, we receive no government funding. Our programs are funded by the generous donations from businesses and individuals for which we are truly grateful. By donating your time through volunteer work, or getting involved in our fundraising events or even simply making a donation, you will be helping Manna to continue reaching out to the many people in need by bridging the gap with a helping hand. 


* Our Hot ‘n’ Healthy Meals Program provides hot and highly nutritious 3 course meals, prepared and distributed by our lovely volunteers.


International Fund for Animal Welfare (Australia)

From the outset, the founders of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, or IFAW, rejected the notion that the interests of humans and animals were separate. Instead they embraced the understanding that the fate and future of harp seals-and all other animals on Earth-are inextricably linked to our own.

IFAW's courageous actions drew international attention to the plight of the seal pups and successfully rallied worldwide condemnation of the hunt. Thanks to IFAW's continued vigilance, it is now illegal to hunt whitecoat seal pups for commercial purposes on the ice floes off Canada's east coast. This is a fragile victory, however, for Canada's commercial seal hunt persists. IFAW continues to document and expose abuses of the commercial hunt and press for an end to this cruel, unsustainable slaughter. Over the years, the small team of committed campaigners reaching out to help seals has grown to become the world's leading international animal welfare organization. IFAW begins its fourth decade of operation with teams of experienced and dedicated campaigners, legal and political experts, and internationally acclaimed scientists working from offices in countries around the world.

We are now joined in this important work by 1.2 million supporters worldwide. This broad base of support makes it possible for IFAW to engage communities, government leaders, and like-minded organizations around the world and achieve lasting solutions to pressing animal welfare and conservation challenges-solutions that benefit both animals and people. Over the years, our approach has been as varied as the species we protect, but our mission has remained constant and simple: to create a better world for animals.

Cottage by the Sea Queenscliff

Cottage by the Sea is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation that empowers disadvantaged children by supporting them in developing their self-esteem, health and well-being. We offer weekly camp programs in a safe, enjoyable and relaxed seaside holiday environment, encouraging children to celebrate their own success and that of others. Our vision is that every child deserves a happy and a healthy life.
We offer camps to children marginalised for a wide range of reasons, e.g. family breakdown and/or dysfunction, domestic violence, emotional/physical trauma, social/economic disadvantage, cultural disadvantage, refugee status or lack of educational opportunities. Over 1,000 children each year enjoy the experience of a lifetime at Cottage by the Sea.
Our programs emphasise co-operation and respect and encourage children to be healthy, active, happy and secure. Children are given the opportunity to participate in a range of leadership and outreach programs in a positive, friendly, healthy, seaside environment. Cottage by the Sea offers a number of camp programs, ranging from once-off camps (Take a Break) to ongoing support, engagement and leadership programs (REEF and Mentor).

Australian Conservation Foundation

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) stands for ecological sustainability. We get to the heart of environmental problems by tackling the underlying social and economic causes. We work across society to influence urgent, transformative action to deliver lasting change on the scale required to secure a sustainable environment. We bring people together to champion the true value of our environment and its critical role in sustaining all other systems and in achieving human wellbeing.
Our history
The story of the Australian Conservation Foundation is one of vision, commitment and achievement. It is a remarkable history of people and place and bears witness to an environment organisation that is a driving force for change in Australia.
Our success stories
ACF has been part of many great conservation successes. For almost five decades, the ACF community has taken positive steps toward the permanent protection of Australia’s most special places.
For almost half a century, ACF has been a strong voice for the environment promoting solutions through research, consultation, education and partnerships.
Business partners
ACF's partnerships with various Australian businesses and community organisations who support our work and with whom we collaborate to promote and deliver a more sustainable Australia.
Business supporters
ACF’s business supporters make a crucial contribution to our work by providing generous donations and pro bono services. 

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