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Santi Forest Monastery (Building Fund)

Santi Forest Monastery is a Buddhist education and meditation residence for nuns, and laypeople.

Established in 2003, it is set in the rugged bush ravines of the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia. Santi offers accommodation, teaching, and support for study and practice in the Forest Tradition, with a special emphasis on the earliest teachings of the Buddha that are shared by all Buddhist traditions. Since 2005, the Sangha of Santi has performed ordinations each year, and has become internationally recognized for its advocacy of full ordination for Buddhist nuns (bhikkhunis).

Santi Monastery is currently hosting the Renounceathon Fundraiser to fundraise for the monastery. To register as a participant, or sponsor a participant, see

For more information of the monastery and monastic life see

Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation

Tzu Chi Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1966 by Dharma Master Cheng Yen in the impoverished east coast of Taiwan. The Foundation has been contributing to better social and community services, medical care, education and humanism in Taiwan for nearly 40 years.


 Master Cheng Yen firmly believes that suffering in this world is caused by material deprivation and spiritual poverty. She felt that "lack of love for others" has been the root of many problems in this world. "To save the world, we must begin by transforming human hearts."

A volunteer-based, spiritual as well as welfare organization, Tzu Chi’s missions focus on giving material aid and inspiring love and humanity in both the givers and receivers. Since its founding, the Foundation has dedicated itself in the field of charity, medicine, education, environmental protection, as well as the promotion of humanistic values and community volunteerism. The humanitarian work is both a means to help those in need, and also a way to open the eyes of the volunteer to the harsher side of life, so that through giving, they may find spiritual happiness and life’s true meaning.

A home-grown Taiwanese organization, Tzu Chi volunteers living abroad began setting up overseas chapters in 1985. They use money that they have earned in their country of residence to help the poor and needy in their local communities. Today, Tzu Chi is an international organization with over 5 million supporters and over 30,000 certified commissioners around the globe.

Emergency aid to typhoon-stricken Bangladesh in 1991 marked the beginning of the foundation’s international relief efforts. Firmly believing that, "Nothing is more valuable than life, All beings are equal." Tzu Chi demonstrates first hand that They overcome obstacles of time, distance, and politics, to provide relief and hope to victims of war, flood, and drought. As of August 2005, over fifty-seven countries in five continents have received Tzu Chi’s aid.

From the icy Arctic Circle to the sweltering tropics, Tzu Chi volunteers have left their footprints in many faraway lands, risking their lives in epidemics and wars. Their belief in "making the impossible possible" has sustained them in accomplishing many arduous tasks. In addition to material aid, Tzu Chi has also encouraged mutual help among disaster victims and helped them become independent by involving them in rebuilding their own communities. The ultimate goal is to inspire disaster victims to contribute to others in turn when they have the ability to do so, thus creating a global village of Great Love.

Access Christian Ministries

ACCESS ministries chaplains support school communities through pastoral care of students, teachers, families and the wider local community.  School chaplaincy has been recognised as one of the most significant youth-focused ministries for young people that is taking place in Australian schools.  In Mildura & District there are 2 full time chaplains and 2 part time chaplains supporting over 3,000 students collectively.

Chaplains fulfill a unique role in school communities:
·         They are active in promoting student wellbeing, particularly through the provision of pastoral care and counselling
·         They encourage reflection about the spiritual dimensions of life
·         They have an educative role in the areas of beliefs, values, morals, ethics and religion
·         They work to facilitate the connection of students into the school network and wider community
In Victoria, School Chaplaincy has been managed by ACCESS ministries (formerly CCES) for over 50 years.  We currently have around 160 chaplains in primary and secondary state schools.  Chaplains respect the range of religious views and cultural traditions of the school community.  Chaplains have the highest standards of professional qualifications and take part in on-going training and accountability structures. 

World Vision is Australia's largest charitable group. World Vision helps over 20 million people every year, thanks to the support of more than 400,000 Australians

World Vision provides relief in emergency situations and works on long-term community development projects. Together, these address the causes of poverty and help people move towards self-sufficiency.


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Barwon Centre Against Sexual Assault

Specialist Sexual Assault and Family Violence Counselling & Support

Sexual Assault is never the fault of the victim/survivor.

To create a world free from sexual and family violence.

Statement of Purpose
To provide a quality service that is sensitive and responsive to the needs of victim/survivors of sexual assault and family violence, and to raise awareness that such violence should not exist.

What Is Sexual Assault?
Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual behaviour which makes you feel scared or uncomfortable. It is sexual behaviour that you have not agreed to, where another person uses emotional or physical force against you.

What is family violence?
Family violence encompasses any behaviour that causes family members to live in fear or feel demeaned. Family violence may include emotional, financial, physical, social, sexual abuse or the witnessing of violence.
Family violence is not acceptable in any community or culture!

Specialist services provided:

Barwon CASA provides free and confidential specialist counselling to women, men, young
people and children who have experienced sexual assault and/or family violence either
recently or in the past and their non-offending parents, partners, family and friends
within the following programs.

- Adult Program (22+ years of age)
- Youth Program (13—21 years of age)
- Children’s Program (0-12 years of age)
- Problem Sexual Behaviours (under 14 years of age)

Each program is specifically tailored to the age group and focuses on their developmental,
familial, social and environmental needs. All programs provide specialised information,
advocacy, resources and support to individuals, professionals and the community.

24 hour crisis care service for adult and adolescent survivors of recent sexual assault, and
non-offending parents/caregivers of children who have recently disclosed sexual assault.
Counsellor / Advocates provide support, information about medical and legal options and
advocacy with police and doctors, as required.

Outreach services are provided across the Barwon Region.

Specialised information, training and consultation available to other professionals and
community agencies working with victims/survivor of sexual and family violence.

A variety of community education and training programs are conducted.

PO Box 245
Geelong 3220

Business Line03 5222 4318
Sexual Assault Crisis Line (24 hour service)1800 806 292
Domestic Violence Crisis Service (after hours)1800 015 188

Ballarat Base Hospital Children's Ward

First in world-class health care for the Ballarat region.

Ballarat Health Services has been providing quality care for the Ballarat and Grampians region for 150 years.
We work to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients, their families, and our community.
Ballarat Health Services is a total health care provider.
That means we care for patients and the community with a comprehensive range of general and specialist care, across every key medical and healthcare discipline.
  • Acute Care
  • Sub-Acute Care
  • Residential Care
  • Community Care
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Rehabilitation Services
Putting our patients' health first.
All of our staff, and all of the services we provide, are guided by a simple philosophy: "Don't settle for second best."
We want the best for our patients and their families, and they deserve the very best from us."
Paediatric & Adolescent Unit
The Paediatric and Adolescent Unit at Ballarat Health Services is a 20-bed unit which offers specialist care for children and adolescents up to 18 years of age.
The staff are committed to family centred, individualised care which empowers and encourages the involvement of family members in their child's treatment and care.
Paediatric and Adolescent services at Ballarat Health Services are extensive with most medical and many surgical conditions expertly managed locally.
With up to 800 presentations of children per month to the Emergency Department, the unit admits approximately 200 children and adolescents per month. Extensive community care services compliment their inpatient care on discharge.
The unit is staffed 24 hours a day by a highly dedicated team of paediatric nurses, consultant paediatricians and hospital medical officers. Paediatric allied health staff including a social worker, dietician, speech pathologist, physiotherapist and members of the Infant and Child as well as Adolescent Mental Health services and members of the Perinatal Emotional Help Program compliment the dedicated team.

Shake it Up Australia Foundation

Shake It Up Australia Foundation Has One Aim: To Find A Cure For Parkinson’s
Are you one of the 80,000 Australians with Parkinson’s disease? Maybe you are one of the half million Australian’s who know someone who is…? 

You probably already know that Parkinson’s has no known cause and no cure. You may not know that 30 Australians are diagnosed every day, or that Australia has some of world’s leading scientists specialising in Parkinson’s who need funding now to find a cure.

That’s why we decided to shake things up a little. Shake It Up Australia Foundation hit the ground running in 2011 to raise money to fund research in Australia. But we aren’t doing it alone. Our partner, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF), has been advancing promising research projects into Parkinson’s since 2000. With the support of MJFF, we know that every dollar raised in Australia will be directed into a high-impact area of research.

Become a Shake It Up Hero and participate in one of the many events Australia-wide and help us raise funds and awareness in the search for a cure. Shake It Up Heroes are members of the public who raise funds and awareness for Parkinson’s disease research on behalf of the Shake It Up Australia Foundation.

Organise your own event such as lunches, breakfasts, garden walks and corporate events OR participate in a community event like the Sydney Running Festival or City2Surf.  If you’re not participating, you can still support the cause by sponsoring a Shake It Up Hero member and donate to the individual’s fundraising page.

Be a Shake It Up Hero – we can work together as a team towards a common goal - finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease in the near future. Get Amongst It!

Cancer Council Queensland

Donations are made to The My Cause Gift Fund and will distributed to Cancer Council Queensland

The Cancer Council Queensland is a community-based organisation dedicated to serving the community in cancer control. The Cancer Council is dynamic, outcome focused, responsive to community needs, committed to volunteerism and the pursuit of excellence in all its activities. All staff and volunteers of The Cancer Council Queensland, through their work, are actively involved in cancer control.

The Cancer Council Queensland began as a voluntary organisation and, although it now employs staff, it continues to rely heavily on volunteers and depends on public goodwill and support for its research, programs and services. Headquarters were established in Brisbane and the first regional office in Townsville opened its doors in the 1970s. There are now six offices in the major regional areas throughout the state. There are more than 50 volunteer branches across the state - west to Mt Isa, north to Cooktown and south to Tweed Heads.

The Cancer Council Queensland is not government funded and relies entirely on public support through donations. It is a member of The Cancer Council of Australia (formerly The Australian Cancer Society) and is affiliated with the International Union Against Cancer.

Cancer mortality is now decreasing, but with the ageing of the Australian population, the incidence of cancer continues to rise and demand for the Cancer Council’s research projects, programs and services has continued to increase. It is with the support of the Queensland public the organisation has been able to increase its services to the community to meet the demand and committed itself to this task until a cure for cancer is found.

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Terang and Mortlake Health Service

Our Mission and Vision

By working in consultation and partnership with our community and other organisations we will provide quality care to enable each individual to achieve physical, social and mental wellbeing.

We Value

Compassion and Responsiveness



  • caring for the needs of our patients, clients and each other Equity and fairness


    • making decisions objectively, without favouritism or bias Ethical behaviour
    • acting in an honest, open and confidential way Accountability
    • using resources efficiently and acting responsibly Excellence
    • in the delivery of healthcare



    Go Research Fund

    GO Fund raises funds to support research into the prevention, early detection and treatment of gynaecological cancer and to create awareness within the community of gynaecological cancer.


    star To find a simple blood test that would allow all women to be screened for ovarian cancer.

    To find more effective treatments for all gynaecological cancers


    United Jewish Education Board (UJEB)

    The United Jewish Education Board (UJEB) is the sole provider of Jewish Education to Jewish students in Victoria outside the Jewish Day School system. We are a unique and critical Melbourne based educational organisation that has been in existence for 119 years. We continue to ensure Jewish continuity and identity through involvement for our community's children.

    UJEB is currently experiencing record participation in every program, function and event. Each and every school week of the year over 1500 students access our classes and programs. UJEB provides Religious Education classes in state schools as well as operating Hebrew language and Jewish cultural learning centres, Bat Mitzvah classes and a host of other events and services, including options for high school.

    Our classes and services do not receive any government support and there is no ability to charge for many of our programs. We rely on the support of the Melbourne Jewish Community to offer our vital services.

    For many of our students, UJEB is their only connection to the Jewish community and therefore we bear responsibility for inspiring and strengthening their Jewish identity. We need your support so that we can continue to give every Jewish child outside the Jewish Day School system the opportunity to connect with their heritage, their culture and their religion.

    SAFE - Saving Animals From Euthanasia - Perth


    Saving Animals From Euthanasia (SAFE) was founded in the Pilbara in Western Australia by Sue Hedley in February 2003. Since then SAFE has developed branches and networks across the state - and we intend to extend SAFE’s services wherever there is need.
    SAFE’s dedicated work has had a positive impact on people, pets and wildlife. SAFE’s innovative foster care program provides temporary care for animals until a permanent home is found. This means there are no cages or time lines on an animal’s life.
    Your donation can ensure SAFE can continue its life saving work!
    Our Mission
    To ensure that no companion animal succumbs to euthanasia purely through lack of somewhere to stay and that optimum quality of life is achieved for all companion animals.

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    Children's Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation

    The creation of the Children's Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc) was inspired by 9 year old Jennifer Harper, who was diagnosed with leukaemia in 1977. When her father, Peter Harper, discovered that there was no research into children's leukaemia being done in WA, he set out to raise funds for this purpose.

    Together with other parents of children with cancer and with the support of Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, the Children's Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc) was formed. In 1983 the Children's Leukaemia & Cancer Research Laboratory was established on the children's hospital (PMH) campus and in 1984 Dr Ursula Kees, a Swiss born scientist was recruited from the German Cancer Institute, to head up the Research Laboratory.

    Whilst Jennifer inspired the creation of the Foundation, she did not win her fight against leukaemia, she died in 1978.

    Our Research Laboratory has a very co-operative relationship with the hospital's Oncology Total Care Unit and plays an integral part in the treatment of children with cancer in WA. In 1990 the Oncology Total Care Unit became a full member of the Children's Cancer Group (CCG), one of the largest co-operative research groups in this field.

    The PMH Unit is not only participating in trials of new chemotherapy treatment protocols for cancer patients, but has been accredited as a CCG bone marrow transplantation unit which has greatly improved childhood leukaemia survival rates in WA. The scientific expertise provided by Dr Kees was one of the critical requirements in obtaining this approval. This CCG membership has provided the opportunity to study patients enrolled on CCG protocols.



    In 1994, the Archdiocese of Perth established the LifeLink organisation as a recognisable ‘Brand’, a means of uniting and identifying ‘Church based welfare delivery’.
    Church based welfare does not mean help is only given to those of Catholic Faith.
    Our community based social service agencies respond immediately and compassionately to anyone who is in need, and who reaches out for help. We see this act of reaching out as a practical demonstration of ‘Faith in Action’.
    We recognise in those we meet the face of Jesus...and we are reach out with love.
    LifeLink then is the fundraising and promotional arm which supports and assists the work of social service agencies established by the Archdiocese of Perth. LifeLink agencies reach out to more than 31,000 Western Australians in need each year, delivering more than $47 million in professional programs, care and direct assistance.
    This work is largely funded through Australian and WA State Government funding grants and service contracts and with the generous support of Lotterywest. We are indeed grateful for this tremendous assistance. Governments’ have long recognised that community services established and managed by the Catholic Church operate at the highest level of performance and professionalism, and are conducted in a moral, responsible and ethical manner at all times.
    However, there remains a shortfall of more than $1 million each year to ensure our LifeLink agencies respond positively to people in need when they reach out for help.
    LifeLink continues to meet this challenge, thanks entirely to YOUR generosity.
    It is the Western Australian people, businesses and organisations, responding compassionately and generously, which helps LifeLink continue a tradition of care to the community. 

    The Family Nurturing Centre
    Celebrating Community, Celebrating Life.
    The Family Nurturing Centre's mission is to support families through the provision of resources, services and education to lay the foundations of mental health and well being in the family.
    Through revitalizing community and connecting families that align themselves with the spirit of nurturing, empathy and cooperation, children flourish and the whole society benefits.
    The FNC co-directed by Sam and Sydel Weinstein was established in Perth, Western Australia in 1989 and incorporated as a benevolent society in 1995.
          Thousands of families have been through its doors.
    The centre’s three areas of focus are:
    1. Support new families and facilitate ‘contemporary extended family networks’ through its centre activities. These include:
    ·         pregnancy yoga and support classes
    ·         parent and baby/toddler support groups
    ·         parenting and childbirth education
    ·         clothing exchange program
    ·         lactation support and counselling
    ·         FNC Parents online Discussion group
    ·         Library
    ·         Centre activities and community events (including World Breastfeeding Week August 1-7th  )
    2. The centre has formalized its work in mental health and prevention of violence in the family and home and now offers the 
    FNC Mental Health and Well Being Program’ this includes:
    ·         Mental Health First Aid Training for Adults and Youth.
    ·         Mindfulness and Yoga training for prevention of anxiety and depression and to facilitate well being in the family.
    ·          In development educational programmes that cover the foundations of well being and mental health in the individual and family, including attachment and bonding, communication skills, and the fostering of empathy, connection and co-operation.
    ·         The program has its own website to be uploaded early July.
    3. Also in development:
    ·         WebPages to facilitate complementary online communities
    ·         Information and resource database to support FNC Mission and Vision fed by the FNC ‘Knowledge Bank’: monthly electronic updates sent to subscribers.
    ·         Story bank and FNC ‘Road map’: developed from stories and shared experiences to give parents an idea of the journey ahead.
    Old African Proverb:
    "It takes a village to raise a child"

    Lymphoma Australia

    Lymphoma Australia (LA) also known as The Lymphoma Support & Research Association (LSRA) is the result of an article posted in the Gold Coast Bulletin in 2003 requesting interested Lymphoma patients to attend an informal meeting in a park at Southport. 

    Due to the drive, commitment and passion of this founding group of Gold Coast Lymphoma patients the LSRA became an incorporated charity in 2004 and is now providing education, support and Lymphoma awareness across Australia.   

    To date Lymphoma Australia has relied on grants, fund raising initiatives, donations and sponsorships to continue the work that we are currently doing and planning to achieve for Lymphoma. 

    Our logo of a “Feather” is a symbolic representation of a guardian angel for each and everyone of us – it gives hope to those with Lymphoma and reflects people are searching for cures everyday. Our founding patient group wanted to ensure no one felt alone in their Lymphoma journey.

    Our organistion also supports Lymphoma research with fund raising initiatives. We also provide information to the community at no cost to enable both patients and non patients to be aware of the signs and symptoms of this cancer, which is now the 5th most common cancer being diagnosed in Australia. We need to ensure that early diagnosis of this cancer is paramount so that the best possible outcome can be achieved for anyone diagnosed with this cancer.   

    Our current support resources “Living with Lymphoma” and “Your Journey of Lymphoma Treatments” are unlike any other available for Lymphoma patients, within Australia and the world.

    The development of these resources is the result of a collaborative approach with a number of key stakeholder’s e.g.  Hospitals, doctors, nurses and patients. These groups are also able to provide feedback via our website, meetings, support groups and other relevant forums that we attend/conduct.      

    It is the vision of Lymphoma Australia to continue to provide these free resources to hospitals, cancer clinics and patients across the nation.  It is our belief that knowledge is empowerment which is unquestionably important in a journey of Lymphoma diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

    Lymphoma Australia is also a member of the Lymphoma coalition, which is a worldwide group providing global support to the millions of people around the world living with cancer of the Lymphatic system.   

    To date the following have been significant Lymphoma accomplishments achieved by our organisation:
    • Raising awareness of Lymphoma Australia wide via media and events
    • Key player in the development and implementation of World Lymphoma Awareness Day (WLAD) in Australia each year.
    • Key advocate for the PBS approval of Lymphoma treatments in Australia
    • Development of a Lymphoma documentary that provides hope via inspirational Lymphoma patient stories. Anthony Warlow a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor features in this documentary 
    • Dedicated Lymphoma promotional materials e.g.
    • Website
    • Hospital fliers
    • Newsletters
    • Media articles
    • Free distribution of the book “100 Questions about Lymphoma”
    • Free distribution of the Lymphoma documentary – “Journey through Lymphoma “
    • Free distribution of our latest resources “Living with Lymphoma” (patient book and “Your Journey of Lymphoma Treatments” (DVD)

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    Reledev Australia

    Mission Statement
    Australians providing relief, education and development at home and abroad.
    Reledev exists to motivate and enable Australians and people, communities and institutions in developing countries to be responsive in overcoming or alleviating poverty within their social, cultural and economic context.
    • To build the partner NGOs capacity to deliver their services and strengthen their institution.
    • To enable and encourage the economic activity of people / communities experiencing poverty.
    • To influence and promote diverse and relevant educational and training initiatives.
    • To provide opportunities for Australians to be involved in poverty alleviation activities.
    Shared Values

    Australian Rotary Health is one of the largest independent funding bodies of mental health research in Australia. They also provide funding into a broad range of health areas including Cancer, Motor Neuron Disease, Children’s Health, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease and more.

    Australian Rotary Health offers scholarships for medical and nursing students studying rurally, and Indigenous students undertaking a health degree. They have a broad vision to improve the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

    Australian Rotary Health is an activity established and supported by Rotary Clubs in Australia. It is their goal to support healthier minds, bodies and communities through research, awareness and education.

    International Women's Development Agency (IWDA)


    Since the beginning, IWDA’s heartland has been our work in partnership with local organisations. This approach is fundamental to making positive and sustainable change.

    The organisations we partner with have grown within the communities in which they work. We collaborate with our partners to respond to issues they identify as important and that matter to the communities in which they belong.We see our role as a responsive and supportive collaborator that is committed to ‘walking with’ our partners. By bringing together, knowledge, experience and resources, we address shared priorities.

    We are not ‘doing the work’ of development on the ground. Instead we are committed to enabling our partners to undertake their work more effectively and sustainably. We recognise that the interests of women and men are best served when local communities mobilise local community capacity.

    Mallee Family Care provides services and information for the communities along the Murray River from Swan Hill to Mildura and South Western New South Wales

    Deinstitutionalisation was also to take place in relation to care of children with disabilities and those with mental illness and the work of Mallee Family Care was to grow and extend to embrace these services.With these developments were just the tip of the iceberg with the result that Mallee Family Care now operates in excess of twenty different services in the communities in which it was established.

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