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Alpha-1 Association of Australia

The Alpha-1 Association of Australia, known as the AAA, was established on 15 June 2005. It is non-profit Health Promotion Charity, endorsed as such by the Australian Taxation Office.

The AAA was established following recognition of the absence of a central body of information and contacts for those affected by and working with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (commonly abbreviated to A1AD or AATD). A1AD is a genetically inherited medical condition which can affect the liver and lungs. The AAA has produced a booklet which contains more detail about the condition. See our Links section also.

An online discussion group has been established since 9 May 2002. The group is open to Australian or New Zealand residents who are affected by or have an interest in A1AD.

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Ecumenical Coffee Brigade (ECB)

The Ecumenical Coffee Brigade was established in 1970 by Louisa Toogood who saw a need to minister to homeless and marginalised people within the Brisbane CBD by offering them food and a hot drink each morning.  Following her example, the ECB as a voluntary organisation, continues to provide these same services.
We are committed to ensuring that every day of the year the van goes out on the street to serve food and drink and offer a welcoming presence.
We seek to offer those we meet respect and acceptance by treating all with dignity.
We look for new ways of ensuring that the needs of the people we serve are respected and responded to whenever possible.

The Amanda Young Foundation is a non-profit community organisation dedicated to reducing deaths in WA from meningococcal disease. The Foundation is also committed to supporting the development of young people into WA’s future leaders. The Foundation was formed in 1998 following the tragic death of Amanda Young from meningococcal septicaemia at the tender age of 18 years.

The Foundation achieves its mission through:

    * Meningococcal Awareness and Education – increasing awareness and educating the community and medical profession regarding meningococcal disease;
    * Funding Research – providing funding for relevant medical research and encouraging increased research into meningococcal disease;
    * Young Leaders Summit – organising an annual camp for year 11 school students across the state to support and encourage the development of leadership skills;
    * Fundraising Events – our fundraising events fund the Foundation’s work and also have an awareness raising affect. Our main annual events include the Amanda Young Foundation Charity Ball, Amanda’s Garden Fete and Rowing Regatta.

National Aboriginal Solutions is a not for profit, charitable organisation that was formed with a Vision to empower people and create sustainable opportunities that "Close the Gap". We are committed to making a difference in communities aiming to provide high quality programs that will benefit all people in our regional, rural and remote communities.
National Aboriginal Solutions  work's together to provide Government, Private Sector Orgaisations including Industry, and Communities with Culturally appropriate Services, Support, Mentoring, Training, Consultancy and Business services.
All team members have an extensive knowledge of networks and experience in Aboriginal Community development. This knowledge has complemented National Aboriginal Solutions ability to operate with an extensive network of services.
National Aboriginal Solutions is an Incorporated Aboriginal Organisation, with specialised Aboriginal service and Aboriginal employees in their organisation.
The team has direct skills in the areas of Mentoring, Training, Employment programs, Cultural Training and Business Management for Aboriginal people, Youth, Communities, Government and Private Sector Engagement.
National Aboriginal Solutions is owned and operated by Aboriginal staff. These staff members have expertise in Community development, Aboriginal Law and Culture, Aboriginal Community consultation, Health, Children & Youth services, Government business agencies, Industry, Social development, Community justice, and Governance.

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Greyhound Adoption Program NSW

The Greyhound Adoption Program (NSW), Inc. is a non-profit incorporated association dedicated to the welfare of all Greyhounds.


It is our mission to:


  • Educate the public about the true Greyhound personality and to alleviate misconceptions that many still have of this wonderful, gentle, majestic breed.
  • Assess the suitability as pets of Greyhounds accepted into the Program and to introduce and educate them to living in a family environment.
  • Find responsible, loving, long-term homes for as many Greyhounds as possible.
  • Give lifetime support to GAP Greyhounds and their owners.
  • Liaise with other organisations, in Australia and overseas, with similar goals.
  • Improve and promote the positive image of Greyhounds and to stimulate the public's desire to own one or more as pets.
  • Provide accurate advice about the Greyhound breed to other welfare agencies, vets, Government departments, the media and individuals.
  • Work towards the repealing of Greyhound muzzling laws across Australia.
  • Encourage improvements in welfare standards involving all Greyhounds, regardless of age or racing status.
  • Raise funds to acquire a permanent facility for housing, training and rehoming retired Greyhounds.





Australian Friends of Hebrew University- VIC

It is a scientific centre of international repute, where thousands of young Israelis receive a university education with an accent on excellence; where advanced post-graduate study and research are stressed; and where special programs attract a large number of overseas students to pursue degrees or earn credits for transfer.

This is a university with a three-fold function: to serve the State of Israel by training its scientific, educational and professional manpower; to serve the Jewish people by preserving and expanding the Jewish cultural, spiritual and intellectual heritage; and to serve humanity by extending the frontiers of knowledge.

HU researchers figure at the forefront of international science - from biotechnology and computer science to astrophysics and cancer research, from microbiology to solar energy and genetic engineering, as well as the humanities, including Jewish studies, social sciences and law.
Nearly 40% of all civilian scientific research in Israel is conducted at the Hebrew University.
About 3,800 research projects are in progress at the University, and 1,500 new projects are started each year.
The University is home to 100 subject-related and interdisciplinary research centers.
Thirty percent of all doctoral candidates in Israel are enrolled at the Hebrew University.
Sixteen percent of all the research conducted at the University finds application in high-tech industry. The University sold $12 million of expertise to industry in 2001.

Today more than 24,000 students are enrolled at the University, including 12,000 undergraduates, 7600 master's degree students, 2,600 doctoral candidates, and 800 at the Rothberg School for Overseas Students, and in certification and other programs.

Dogs Home of Tasmania

  • Provide a safe haven for lost, stray or unwanted dogs
  • Re-unite lost dogs with their owners
  • Adopt dogs to new homes. Every effort is made to re-home all suitable dogs. There is no time limit placed on dogs waiting adoption.
  • Provide veterinary treatment to dogs in our care
  • Support dog owners in times of crisis through our Dogs in Crisis program
  • Provide the best possible care – heating in winter, paired kennels to reduce stress, daily exercise and contact with caring staff and volunteers.
  • Encourage all dog owners to provide the best possible care for their dogs.
  • Employ staff who show empathy to the dogs in their care

Asthma Foundation WA

The Asthma Foundation of WA is a community based, non-profit organisation dedicated to the alleviation of asthma as a cause of morbidity and mortality in our community. The Foundation offers education and support services for people with asthma and their carers, and funds local medical and scientific research into asthma.

The Asthma Foundation has been supporting the Western Australian community for over 40 years and is a one-stop-shop for all asthma needs.

The Foundation provides:
§   Education, information & training in asthma management
§   Information about asthma triggers & asthma medications
§   Answers to questions about your asthma
§   Asthma first aid training
§   Up to date asthma training for health professionals and schools
§   A children’s school holiday activity program, “Triple E”
§   Our unique Asthma Friendly Schools program
§   A FREE Asthma Helpline 1800 645 130
§   Special events and fundraising campaigns, such as the annual HBF Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma

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Australian Melanoma Research Foundation

The Australian Melanoma Research Foundation is a not-for-profit charity organisation, established by a group of dedicated volunteers to provide funding for research into the causes, prevention and cure of Melanoma and Skin Cancer.
Our administration is very lean – almost all funds go directly to Research!
At present, our focus is to develop simple, low-cost treatments focused around vaccines and the immune system.

Paraplegic Quadriplegic Association of WA

For over 50 years, the Paraplegic-Quadriplegic Association of W.A. (Inc.) has been serving members of the Western Australian community afflicted with spinal cord paralysis or disease and related conditions.  In addition, the Association provides advice, information and advocacy to enable people with a range of disabilities to participate in community life.

An important complimentary service provided by the Association is vocational training, personal skills development and employment opportunities to persons with a disability seeking to enhance their valued role in the community.


Newcastle Pound Pooch is a small rescue group in the Newcastle, NSW area.

It's run by dedicated volunteers who are compelled to rescue dogs from the pound and re-home them into a more loving environment.


If you’d like to volunteer your skills, time, transport or whatever you think might help then please


Sharing can also help immensely. Share these stories on your social media sites, tell your friends and families. Link us on websites, follow us on Facebook, Twitter etc.... any offers of help would be appreciated.

Lions Eye Institute

In 1975 the Lions Save-Sight Foundation (LSSF) established the Lions Chair in Ophthalmology at the University of Western Australia (UWA). Professor Ian Constable AO was appointed to this position and subsequently established the Lions Eye Institute (LEI). As LEI’s inaugural Managing Director Professor Constable has spearheaded its efforts to eradicate blindness worldwide. In 2009 Professor David Mackey was appointed Managing Director and Professor Constable stepped down after 25 years at the helm of LEI.
LEI employs 150 scientists, clinicians and support staff. It conducts first class scientific research into blindness and incorporates one of Australia’s largest ophthalmic practices. The Institute also houses the Lions Eye Bank and the LSSF.
As a not-for-profit organisation LEI relies heavily on community support including the continued generosity of Lions Clubs state-wide to fund vital equipment, scholarships and fellowships.

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Lions Youth Emergency Accommodation Centre

The Lions Youth Emergency Accommodation Centre (Pine Rivers) Inc. (LYEAC) was incorporated to address specific accommodation issues facing young people in the Pine Rivers and Caboolture areas. Located in Samsonvale Road, Strathpine, the medium to long term facility was built specifically to provide up to 5 young people, experiencing placement difficulties within the states foster care system, with safe and secure accommodation and related support services .


Established in late 2005, The Climate Institute is a non-partisan, independent research organisation that works with community, business and government to drive innovative and effective climate change solutions. We research. We educate. We communicate.Our vision is for an Australia leading the world in clean technology use and innovation, with clean and low carbon solutions a part of everyday life throughout the community, government and business. The Climate Institute is primarily funded by a donation from the Poola Foundation (Tom Kantor Fund)

Our MRNSW volunteers are out on the water every day providing boaters with help, support, advice and vital safety services.  They are recognised boating safety advocates, noted for their marine expertise and community spirit.

With more than 3,000 volunteers watching over the State’s most popular boating, fishing and cruising regions, there’s a job for almost everyone at their local MRNSW unit.

Our rescue vessel crews turn out in all weather and conditions to respond to emergencies and other incidents. A day’s duties might include a Search and Rescue mission for people overboard, towing a disabled vessel back to port or transporting medical teams or firefighters to isolated and inaccessible locations.

Our radio base volunteers monitor the airwaves for boaters in need of rescue or less urgent assistance. Our radio safety net includes a Log On and Log Off service for boaters, who are encouraged to let their local Marine Rescue unit know when they are heading out on the water, where they are headed and when they plan to return. If they do not Log Off when expected, action can be promptly taken to locate them.

Of course, every frontline team needs a support crew and we’re no different, with other members taking on the important unit training, fundraising, maintenance, catering and other administrative roles needed to maintain operational standards and readiness.

Australian National Paramedic Support Foundation

The Australian National Paramedic Support Foundation Limited is the first of its kind in Australia, established as a result of QAS Paramedic Jamie Jackway tragically injured in a rescue chopper accident and now a quadriplegic. 

Founded with strong partnerships between Paramedics, Ambulance Service Staff and a highly dedicated professional team, with proven backgrounds and a strong willingness to persevere and succeed to ensure the Foundations objectives are met and surpassed and set up a national legacy. 

Our support base is growing and we welcome and receive generous donations from the community, businesses and corporations.  The Foundation is a great way every Australian can show their support to Australia's most trusted profession.  The Foundation is also committed to promoting a positive awareness of community health, safety and wellbeing issues.

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Avoca Beach Rural Fire Service

The Avoca Beach Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade, located on the corner of Avoca Drive and The Round Drive, has been servicing the community of Avoca Beach and those around it for many years.  With responsibilities ranging from bushfire to house and vehicle protection, the Brigade is very active in the area.
The Brigade is supported well with many local individuals, groups and businesses making cash or in-kind donations to ensure the Avoca Beach Brigade continues to protect the community at the high standard it has done for many years.
The Avoca Beach Brigade currently has 18 active members (including six trainees) and an additional 22 non-active members.Together, our members undertake an average of 430 training hours every month. 

Early in pregnancy at about 6-8 weeks, the usual fusing,or joining up of tissues of the lip and/or palate does not occur, leaving an opening or “cleft”. A cleft sometimes occurs in the lip, or the palate (soft and/or hard palate), or the lip and palate together. It can occur on one side of the lip/palate (called a uni-lateral cleft) or on both sides (called a bi-lateral cleft). A cleft lip may sometimes be called a ‘hare lip’. This term dates back to medieval times when it was believed a mother gave birth to a baby with a cleft lip because a hare had jumped across her path. ‘Cleft lip’ is a more meaningful term to describe the condition today.

St Andrew's Meals on Wheels Townsville

St Andrew's Meals on Wheels provides an important service to many elderly and disabled clients and carers residing in the Townsville district. Many new referrals result from clients who have been discharged from hospital, or self-referrals from people in the community who are no longer able to prepare meals.
The service enables many elderly members of our community to remain in their own homes, thus enhancing their independence and quality of life. In some instances, access to the service may only be a temporary measure, offering assistance until they have recuperated.
The service was inaugurated in 1964 by the Reverend Ken and Mrs. Sheila Stevens, with the support of the congregation of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. It began by serving five clients for three days a week at a charge of two shillings (20¢) for each meal. The meals were cooked and delivered by members of the congregation. The service has grown since these early days and we now prepare and deliver over 5,000 meals each month.

Melbourne Jewish Charity Fund


Melbourne Jewish Charity Fund (“MJCF”) is Melbourne Jewish Community's largest provider of non-aged welfare, with an annual budget in excess of $500,000. The MJCF assists Jewish families with their basic needs including food, healthcare and accommodation. As a non-partisan organisation reaching all corners of Melbourne’s Jewish community, the MJCF prides itself on the fact that at least 95c in every dollar directly reaches its recipients.
At the core of its charter is the raison d'etre of MJCF- assisting needy Jewish Melbourne in meeting expenses associted with basic necessities. The MJCF provides assistance though several programs, including:
• rental relief  
• payment of utilities (water, gas, electricity);
• health care (pharmacy, dental,hospital, general medical, psychological counseling, insurance);
• meat allowance (recipients are allocated a fixed weekly kosher meat subsidy);
• vouchers for food and clothing;
• subsidies available to all Jewish summer camps (a program previously sponsored by Jewish Care);
• bi-annual assistence for expenses assocuated with Pesach and High Holidays;
• crisis support and
• coordinating and arranging distribution from Food Bank 

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