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Road Trauma Support Services Victoria

Every year, Road Trauma Support Services Victoria (RTSSV) conducts more than one thousand face-to-face and telephone counselling sessions.

RTSSV counselling is provided by trained professionals and is provided free of charge to bereaved family members, friends and colleagues, injured people and their carers, drivers, passengers, witnesses and people first on the scene.
RTSSV also delivers a range of educational services including programmes to assist young offenders and other programmes tailored for businesses and community groups.

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For further information visit:

Donations made to RTSSV and Journey Beyond Road Trauma of $2.00 or more are tax deductible

Justice Empowerment Mission (JEM)

JEM is based in Melbourne, Australia.
We began in 1995 through a need to support at-risk young people and their families in the local community. Beginning as a grassroots initiative stemming out of a family home, over the years JEM has helped hundreds of young people and children struggling with homelessness, neglect, domestic violence, substance-abuse, early pregnancy, family breakdown, mental health and other life-controlling issues.
We now operate three homes for at-risk young women and families as well as providing those in our care with tuition for school-age children; cross-cultural excursions and trips for at-risk young people, art programs, and community events and dinners.
We have since also expanded to partner in supporting grassroots development projects in Thailand, Uganda, India and in Indigenous Australia where we engage our young people in the advocacy and fundraising projects.
We are a registered Australian charity and have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.
We are largely funded through the generosity of individual donors and do not receive any government funding.
All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Western Chances has a vision to see Melbourne’s West working together as a proud, vibrant and successful community.

To achieve this, the organisation, which was founded by Terry Bracks in 2003, assists talented and self-motivated young people in the western suburbs to realise their potential through the provision of scholarships and other related programs.

Creating opportunities, providing inspiration and support at a critical time. Our ethos and reason for being is that there are many young people in Melbourne's West, who have potential but cannot fully realise it due to:
•lack of resources
•lack of money
•absence of networks.
This is where Western Chances steps in and opens doors. Our focus is on creating opportunities, supporting scholarship recipients for the long term and building the social capital of the community in which they live. We facilitate career and educational outcomes by creating ongoing economic, social, cultural and educational opportunities where our resources and support can make a difference.
Strong partnerships, focused programs
We are focused on building partnerships and programs which specifically support the development of skills, the building of pride and self esteem, and the enhancing of employment opportunities for our young leaders of tomorrow, and enable the long term sustainability of our organisation.





The Natural Birth Education & Research Centre

Empowering women to achieve the best birth for themselves and their babies.

Our aim is to conduct birthing in a manner which respects the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of the child, the parents and the caregivers.

Our mission is to offer parents and health care providers appropriate information, education, supervision and guidance for encouraging natural birth.


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Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia

Big Brothers Big Sisters supports vulnerable young people by providing them with guidance, friendship and long-term positive role modelling from a screened trained and supported volunteer mentor.

Every vulnerable young person who needs a mentor, has a mentor.
To realise the potential of our young people, through the provision of the highest quality mentoring programs.
Guiding Principles
Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring programs support vulnerable young Australians to reach their full potential. Our programs and activities are underpinned by our guiding principles which include:
* Expanding our progams to reach the young people who are most in need in the community
* Ongoing development of policies and procedures which are non-discriminatory and inclusive of social, cultural and religious diversity
* Sharing of best practice mentoring models and ongoing research with our international counterparts from around the globe
* Accountability to all stakeholders including Bigs and Littles, Program Delivery Partners, corporate partners, donors and government
* Effective program design based on research, evaluation and consultationSubstantially increasing and diversifying our funding sources to v ensure sustainability and growth

St John of God Foundation

The Foundation works to raise funds in response to identified needs of people and communities, which are not met by traditional means or government funding.

In the midst of our modern, fast-paced and high pressure society, it is almost a certainty that each and every individual will experience the need for special support at some stage during their life; be that material, emotional, spiritual, intellectual or psychological. Equally certain is the reality that others in the community have the ability and willingness to offer this support and guidance

Our Vision

To live and proclaim the healing touch of God’s love where we invite people to discover the richness and fullness of their lives, give them a reason to hope and a greater sense of their own dignity.

Our Mission

To continue the healing mission of Jesus Christ through the provision of health care services that promote life to the full by enhancing the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual dimensions of being human.


Our Kids raises money for Lismore Base Hospital’s Childrens’ Ward, and for kids with special medical needs from throughout the Richmond Valley and beyond, enabling them to receive specialist medical care closer to home.
Our Kids is self funded through community donations and operates under the patronage of the Northern NSW Local Health District. Our Kids has a fundraising Coordinator, Rebekka Battista who works with a team of dedicated volunteers who promote Our Kids and raise vital funds through local events and projects.
Our Kids Management Committee is the group’s governing body. Its members include a paediatrician, and representatives from Lismore Base Hospital, the Northern NSW Local Health, and the community.
Each month the Management Committee meets to discuss the Our Kids Fund and new requests for financial support. The committee is chaired by Suzette Pearce. The members of the committee are: Suzette Pearce, Chris Ingall, Annie Curtain, Rebekka Battista, Kevin Carter, Janet Bowden and Katie O'Rourke.
Our Kids is also proud to have partnered with the Northern Rivers Community Cancer Foundation in making Our House a reality for our Northern Rivers community. 

The Haven Foundation has been established in response to a direct need.

We aim to provide socially and financially disadvantaged individuals living with mental illness,
the opportunity to access housing which provides normality and stability; and offer a sense
of permanency in housing and daily living support, which is not provisional upon involvement
in any other support.

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Australian Heart Lung Transplant Association


AHLTA was founded in 1984 at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney; basically as a support for patients, their families and carers to be able to discuss transplantation, exchange ideas and be there for each other.
We aim to contact all patients and carers at St Vincent’s Hospital who are in the pre- or post-transplantation phases. We are here to help and support these patients, their families and their carers.
AHLTA established and maintains AHLTA House, which is subsidised accommodation close to the hospital providing convenient, affordable housing for rural and regional patients.
AHLTA aims to :
· Support and inform pre heart and lung transplant patients and post heart and lung transplant patients, their carers and their families;
· Provide information regarding research and delivery of health outcomes in cardio thoracic health care; and
· Promote minimisation of cardio thoracic diseases; support organ donation and transplantation; and raise funds for cardio thoracic transplantation research and equipment.

Alannah & Madeline Foundation

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation is a national charity protecting children from violence and its devastating effects. We care for children who have experienced or witnessed violence and run programs which prevent violence in the lives of children. We play an advocacy role and we're a voice against childhood violence.



Our mission
The Alannah and Madeline Foundation's mission is keeping children safe
from violence.
Our vision
The Alannah and Madeline Foundation's vision is that every child will live
in a safe and supportive environment.
Our values
  • Caring
  • Friendliness
  • Valuing difference
  • Including others
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

Calvary Mater Newcastle - Melanoma Unit

Calvary Mater Newcastle Melanoma Unit provides a full range of services for management of melanoma from early detection, surgical management, medical treatment and palliative care. 
Current trials include:
High dose interferon or observation
Sponsored by Eastern Co-operative Oncology Group (ECOG), USA.
Eligibility: Patients with primary melanoma greater than 1.5mm in thickness or with one involved sentinel lymph node may be eligible for this trial.  Randomized control study.
Chemotherapy with DTIC plus or minus an inhibitor of a growth factor for melanoma called Bosantin
Sponsored by Actelion.
Eligibility: Patients with metastatic melanoma and no previous chemotherapy. 
Randomized control  Phase II study.  Chemotherapy with DTIC plus or minus an antibody which enhances immune responses (Anti CTLA-4 Ticilimumab)
Sponsored by Pfizer.
Eligibility: Patients with metastatic melanoma and no previous chemotherapy. Randomized control study.
Chemotherapy with Paclitaxel and Carboplatin plus or minus oral Sorafenib.  Sorafenib (Nexotar) is an agent which inhibits treatment resistance pathways in melanoma cells.
Sponsors are Onyx/Bayer.
Eligibility: Patients with metastatic melanoma who have failed previous chemotherapy. Randomized control study.
Immunotherapy with antibodies (anti CTLA-4 Ticilimumab) which increase immune responses against melanoma
Sponsored by Pfizer.
Eligibility: Patients who have failed chemotherapy with standard chemotherapy.  Non-randomized phase II study.
Additional studies are proposed with an inhibitor of treatment resistance pathways (anti heat shock protein) and with another antibody against CTLA-4 (MDX-010) in patients who have failed previous treatments.
Please contact Professor Peter Hersey (02) 49850 100 or Dr Pauline Hanrahan (02) 4985 0179 for further information about these studies.
The High Risk Clinic, conducted by Dr John Sippe, caters for people in the community who are at high risk of developing melanoma, such as people with a large number of naevi or dysplastic naevi.  Patients need to be referred by their own local doctor.  Please telephone  (02) 4985 0100 for further enquiries.

MS Australia – QLD is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote research to cure multiple sclerosis and to facilitate equitable, high-quality and specialised services for the benefit of people with MS.

We also provide accurate and timely information from leading MS researchers and clinicians for people with MS, their family, friends, and healthcare providers.

In order to achieve our mission, we focus on our Core Competencies – those areas of our work that no one else can do.  In Queensland, nobody has a better knowledge of the disease nor assumes a greater role in education and raising awareness of MS.

We play a pivotal role in quality control and ensuring that people with MS are having their needs met, and in advocating on their behalf.

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Domestic violence is an equal-opportunity destroyer crossing ALL socio-economic, religious, cultural, employment and educational boundaries.

impact for women inc was founded in May 2006 by Kathy Kaplan OAMand a group of her friends with the specific goal of making a difference to women and children in crisis - specifically to Victorian women and their children living in crisis accommodations due to domestic violence.
impact is volunteer driven and led charity and has no paid employees.
impact enables interested men, women, families, organisations and businesses to work together to make a difference to Victorian women and children fleeing from domestic violence.




Heart Foundation Victoria

The Heart Foundation is dedicated to reducing the impact of cardiovascular disease in Australia, which includes helping to minimise the number of people living with, or dying from heart, stroke and blood vessel disease.

Since we were established in Australia in 1959, we have funded world-class cardiovascular research, supported health professionals in their practice, developed health promotion activities, informed and educated the public, and assisted people with cardiovascular disease.

Today, the life expectancy of Australians is about ten years longer for men and nine years longer for women.

With your support, we aim to continue our ground-breaking work into the future, providing Australians with the very best heart health information and funds for life-saving research.

Teach for Australia

Teach For Australia is an ambitious social movement working to confront educational disadvantage in Australia, an urgent social problem which every year, places more and more Australian kids at risk of missing out on a future they deserve. Together, we can make educational equity a reality for every Australian child.


Your donation will help enable us to deliver 275 high-calibre teachers in disadvantaged secondary schools around Australia over the next 3 years, positively impacting more than 48,400 vulnerable children. 



Our vision is of an Australia where all children, regardless of background or social circumstance, are given the best chance in life through an excellent education.



We help do this by transforming outstanding individuals into exceptional teachers and inspirational leaders, who will help change the lives of their students, and become future change makers in Australian education.



Teach For Australia recruits and trains inspiring and passionate young Australians to teach in disadvantaged communities for a minimum of two years, where they have a life changing impact on their students. Our rigorous recruitment model, coupled with our award winning training and leadership program, supports participants to be highly effective teachers who can inspire students to achieve. 



Teach For Australia also supports participants to be lifelong leaders of education change.


We are building a pipeline of influencers who will move into all walks of life - in classrooms, government, boardrooms and charities - who are passionate and knowledgeable about educational disadvantage. This movement of dedicated changemakers across all sectors, will help drive the systemic change needed to eliminate educational disadvantage in Australia.


MonashHeart Monash Health

MonashHeart is the largest cardiology service provider in Victoria providing over 62,400 episodes of care each year to patients of all ages, from in utero & newborns right through to our senior citizens.

After the success of the 2011 Murray to Moyne ride which raised over $35,000, our cyclists are keen to hit the road again and participate in the 2013 Port to Port ride; 400 km from Mildura via Swan Hill to Echuca, all in just 2 days. 

The proceeds of our 2011 ride enabled two important equipment purchases; a new treadmill system& a Lucas 2 chest compression device. The Lucas device has been a wonderful addition to the care we provide our sickest patients in cardiac arrest; contributing to Vanessa’s very successful outcome earlier this year.

 Your donation will help us raise $12,000 for three heart Holter monitors- special, highly sensitive cardiac monitors which we do not have, to better detect for episodes of heart arrhythmia and the origin of these. These monitors will be used for patients as young as 12-years of age attending our new cardiac inherited diseases clinic; a clinic specifically for individuals at risk of sudden cardiac death.

We wholeheartedly thank you for your support.

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Kids with Cancer Foundation

Kids with Cancer supports  families who are struggling financially, and have a child in one of our Australian children's hospitals being treated for childhood cancer.


Our funds assist doctors, nurses, families and support groups involved in caring for only the youngest of children suffering with childhood cancer, from new born babies to young teenagers. The money we raise and the donations we receive, are allocated by our founding committee, benefiting, both public hospitals with children's oncology units and families who find themselves placed in financial difficulties, due to their child being treated for cancer.

We have been in contact with all children's hospital throughout Australia, with an offer of assistance.  To date we have provided funding to eight hospitals in four States and The Northern Territory and family assistance (through the social workers) in nine children's hospitals: Sydney Children's, The Children's Hospital at Westmead, John Hunter Newcastle, Royal Brisbane, Monash Children's in Victoria, Mater Children's Brisbane, Canberra, Women's & Children's Adelaide and Princess Margaret Perth.  We are always hopeful that the social workers at Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital will also be permitted to use our family assistance. 

Other non-profit organisations such as 'The Children's Cancer Institute' and 'The Malcolm Sargeant Cancer Fund for Children' in NSW (now trading as RedKite) and Melbourne University have also received funding, mainly to assist families with funeral costs. 

Our Funding Committee receives requests from hospitals for specific needs. After direct consultation with the doctors or social workers concerned, these requests are dealt with on a priority basis.  It may be that the hospital requires wages, for doctors to be trained in the special care needed for paediatric oncology, or for nursing staff, social workers and other personnel.  It may also be for, computer equipment, or possibly an additional pharmacist for the oncology ward. Our funds may be used for something as simple as recliner chairs to make the kids more comfortable, or blood pressure monitors when they receive treatment, as in The Mater Children's Hospital in Brisbane.

Laptop computers and Apple iPads have been given allowing the kids to create slide shows of family photos, with the inbuilt camera take pictures of family and hospital staff and using the 'Garage Band' program record their own music.

Here is our chance to save the Tasmanian devil!
High in the hills of the Barrington Tops is a critical project working to save an endangered Australian animal. Devil Ark is the largest conservation breeding program for the Tasmanian devil on mainland Australia.
The iconic Tasmanian marsupial is at serious risk of extinction from the highly contagious devil facial tumour disease (DFTD). Devil Ark’s ambitious breeding program might be the key to its survival.
Located at an altitude of 1,350 metres in the Barrington Tops, Devil Ark provides the perfect breeding environment for devils. The Tasmanian-like vegetation and cool, wet and snowy conditions means the devils feel right at home!
But it is a battle against time! Genetic diversity is rapidly diminishing in Tasmania, so at Devil Ark, we are racing to breed large numbers of devils to preserve the species. There are currently 120 devils at the Ark and the goal is to have 360 devils at Devil Ark by 2016.
Devil Ark is very different to a zoo where small enclosures mean loss of natural behaviour. Devils at Devil Ark are kept in a natural environment to maintain their wild behaviour and our keepers intervene as little as possible.  This means a cost-effective and devil-friendly approach.
Devil Ark relies on community support and donations to give hope to the Tasmanian devil. Right now, Devil Ark urgently needs to feed and house its next generation of babies.


The first group of 25 rescued bears entered the Agra Bear Rescue Facility on Christmas Eve of 2002 and over the next seven years Free the Bears Fund fully supported the Kalander Rehabilitation Program, providing seed money for more than 500 former dancing bear families to set up new sustainable livelihoods. Less than seven years after the first dancing bears were rescued, the last of India’s dancing bears was handed over into our care and the sight of bears being dragged on ropes through the streets of India is now consigned to the past.

Greater challenges lie ahead for the Fund as we strive to bring bear bile farming to an end in Vietnam and protect Laos’ wild bears from the many threats that surround them. With each country facing a unique set of issues to overcome, we employ a range of strategies including environmental education, conservation research and strengthened law enforcement to ensure that we achieve our mission to protect, preserve and enrich the lives of bears throughout the world.  


Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation

Tzu Chi Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1966 by Dharma Master Cheng Yen in the impoverished east coast of Taiwan. The Foundation has been contributing to better social and community services, medical care, education and humanism in Taiwan for nearly 40 years.


 Master Cheng Yen firmly believes that suffering in this world is caused by material deprivation and spiritual poverty. She felt that "lack of love for others" has been the root of many problems in this world. "To save the world, we must begin by transforming human hearts."

A volunteer-based, spiritual as well as welfare organization, Tzu Chi’s missions focus on giving material aid and inspiring love and humanity in both the givers and receivers. Since its founding, the Foundation has dedicated itself in the field of charity, medicine, education, environmental protection, as well as the promotion of humanistic values and community volunteerism. The humanitarian work is both a means to help those in need, and also a way to open the eyes of the volunteer to the harsher side of life, so that through giving, they may find spiritual happiness and life’s true meaning.

A home-grown Taiwanese organization, Tzu Chi volunteers living abroad began setting up overseas chapters in 1985. They use money that they have earned in their country of residence to help the poor and needy in their local communities. Today, Tzu Chi is an international organization with over 5 million supporters and over 30,000 certified commissioners around the globe.

Emergency aid to typhoon-stricken Bangladesh in 1991 marked the beginning of the foundation’s international relief efforts. Firmly believing that, "Nothing is more valuable than life, All beings are equal." Tzu Chi demonstrates first hand that They overcome obstacles of time, distance, and politics, to provide relief and hope to victims of war, flood, and drought. As of August 2005, over fifty-seven countries in five continents have received Tzu Chi’s aid.

From the icy Arctic Circle to the sweltering tropics, Tzu Chi volunteers have left their footprints in many faraway lands, risking their lives in epidemics and wars. Their belief in "making the impossible possible" has sustained them in accomplishing many arduous tasks. In addition to material aid, Tzu Chi has also encouraged mutual help among disaster victims and helped them become independent by involving them in rebuilding their own communities. The ultimate goal is to inspire disaster victims to contribute to others in turn when they have the ability to do so, thus creating a global village of Great Love.

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