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About Us

We are a small but rapidly expanding not-for-profit organisation delivering tangible assistance at a grass roots level to Australians from all backgrounds and all walks of life.

We operate without discrimination, with a focus on supporting women with breast cancer.

About Breast Cancer

Every day 36 Australian women will be told they have breast cancer and seven will lose their lives to the disease.
One in every nine Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer by the age of 85.
Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer among Australian women.

Our Vision

To reduce the psychological impact on those living with breast cancer, their families and communities through the provision of a national network of quality retreats provided at no accommodation cost.  

Our Mission

To provide sanctuaries to nurture those facing the challenges of living with breast cancer.


For 25 years, Out Doors Inc. (Out Doors) has been assisting people to get out the door of home or hospital and to participate in the life of their community.  A state-wide service based in Melbourne, Out Doors runs outdoor adventure and respite programs for people living with a mental illness.
Recovering from mental illness and its often disabling effects can be a long and complex process.  Out Doors assists people to tackle some of the barriers which hamper their ability to live independently or participate in the community.  Common experiences for people with a mental illness include discrimination on the grounds of illness, gaps in work and education, lack of stable accommodation, the unwanted effects of medication, low motivation and self-esteem.  
What makes Out Doors unique is that we use the medium of outdoor education, with an emphasis on action, challenge and risk-taking, to deliver a diverse range of programs such as rafting, rock climbing, bushwalking and surfing to name a few.  We challenge stereotypes about the ability of people with a mental illness to achieve in activities that are ‘adventurous’ and ‘risky’, focusing on participants' ability, rather than disability.
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Alzheimer's Australia NSW


Founded in 1982, Alzheimer’s Australia NSW is a rapidly growing, non-profit organisation based in North Ryde, NSW. As the peak body for people with dementia and their families and carers, we provide advocacy, support services, education and information.
We aim to give people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia the respect they deserve and the support they need. We advocate to government and industry on behalf of people living with dementia, their carers and families and work hard to raise community awareness and understanding of dementia.
Membership to Alzheimer’s Australia NSW is open to anybody concerned about dementia with a key benefit being able to access a wide range of resources available from our Library and Information Service. Community support through donations and sponsorship, as well as bequests, is vital to the continuation and growth of our work. Donations to Alzheimer’s Australia NSW are tax deductible.   
Alzheimer’s Australia NSW has grown rapidly from a small, volunteer based organisation to a professional peak consumer body offering a range of services to those with an interest in dementia. Throughout this period of growth, the organisation focused on and continues to be driven by the needs of people living and working with dementia. 
Alzheimer's Australia NSW supports leadership in dementia policy and services, encourages and participates in research initiatives and aims to extend the knowledge and skills of others working with people with dementia, their families and carers. 
Alzheimer’s Australia NSW is guided by our vision, mission and values with a clear set of strategic priorities.  
Our Vision
A society that is committed to the prevention of dementia and that values and supports people living with dementia. 
Our Mission
To minimise the incidence and impact of dementia through leadership, innovation and partnerships - in advocacy, policy, education, services and research. 
Our Values
  • Respect for the dignity of all individuals 
  • Cooperative working relationships       
  • Integrity, accountability, transparency      
  • Value the contribution of all people involved with our work     
  • Strength through unity, with respect for diversity         
  • Responsiveness to the needs of those living with dementia, their carers and the broader community


Heart Research Australia

Heart research saves lives
Heart Research Australia raises funds for research into the treatment and prevention of heart disease and associated medical conditions.
Our goal is to reduce the devastating impact of the disease on the community.
Medical research
Researchers discuss findings.
Cardiologists and other health professionals at Royal North Shore Hospital carry out the studies and programs we fund.
Current research includes using stem cells to repair damaged heart muscles, cell function in heart attacks, heart function in premature babies, and identifying triggers for heart attack.
Our focus is seed-funding for cardiac researchers to investigate new areas. The aim is to make their work competitive for grants from national bodies such as the National Health and Medical Research Council.
Heart Research Australia also funds
  • two academic Chairs of Cardiology, in association with the University of Sydney: the Chair of Cardiology (Professor Helge Rasmussen) and Chair of Preventative Cardiology (Professor Geoffrey Tofler)
  • several PhD scholarships in heart research
  • The Department of Cardiology's North Shore Cardiovascular Education Centre, which offers rehabilitation and education for heart patients infrastructure, such as specialist research equipment.
  • specialist research support staff
 Rehabilitation and education
Through several continuing programs we help cardiac patients develop and maintain better health and well-being.
Linking with our community
Heart Research Australia depends entirely on the financial support of the community: individuals, community groups, trusts and foundations, and corporate organisations.
To attract support we undertake cost-effective and appropriate fundraising activities. This in turn supports researchers in their quest for novel ways to reduce cardiovascular risk and morbidity.
Through our tri-annual newsletter Take Heart, community events and other activities we also promote awareness of the urgent need to support heart research.

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Shelford Girls' Grammar - The Simpson Memorial Scholarship Fund


Paul Simpson joined the teaching staff at Shelford Girls' Grammar in 2008. He was a much respected teacher of Science and his particular passion was Biology. Paul was also actively involved in the coaching of girls' basketball teams.
To be in his company was to be in the company of a passionate and knowledgeable man. He had an extraordinary knowledge of plants and the natural world and his students knew this. He encouraged them to connect deeply with the environment.
The world was Paul's classroom and he never missed an opportunity to share his knowledge and passion for life. Paul believed that it was possible through education to make the world a better place, by inspiring our young people to be the best they can be. He was a great mentor to not only our students but staff members too. Paul brought every shred of his being to his role as a teacher and a coach. Paul lifted his students' vision of what was attainable, and he made our girls believe in themselves.
On March 3, 2011 Paul died tragically whilst on a snorkelling activity with Year 10 students from Shelford Girls' Grammar. The Shelford community wishes to perpetuate the memory of Paul Simpson with the establishment of a memorial scholarship.
The Simpson Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Principal of Shelford Girls' Grammar Ms Polly Flanagan and the Patrons of the Simpson Memorial Scholarship Mr Lindsay Gaze and Mr Andrew Gaze, encourage you to donate to this very worthy cause. The Scholarship will be an ongoing reminder to the wider community of the wonderful legacy of Paul Simpson.

Ian Thorpe's Fountain for Youth

Ian Thorpe’s Fountain for Youth -  a not for profit charity, founded after the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, supports  Aboriginal education, literacy and the celebration of Culture - empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to find their voice, tell their own stories and live their dreams.  Stronger, Smarter children is our goal.

Since 2003 our Literacy Empowerment Project has focused on supporting the education and wellbeing of over 2,500 Indigenous children and their families in some of the most disadvantaged remote Aboriginal communities in Australia.

The Literacy Backpack Program is an initiative to improve reading at school and in the home by students and their families.  In communities that have seen illiteracy rates as high as 93%, many bookless homes, most have no public library, no access at all to reading material, we have been building up otherwise missing resources for literacy development.  Without the Backpack Project many communities would still have no reading resources for homes and schools would have very poor quality and often outdated education resources!     

The Project is helping to close the space between school and community, strengthening relationships between teachers and families, supporting parents as role models for their children, reading and sharing books together at home, developing a ‘whole of community’ reading approach with teachers and parents working together to provide good education outcomes for their children.

Empowerment through Education is the key in remote areas where we are witnessing the greatest disadvantage and poverty levels.  Communities are asking for our support!

Teachers have said the Literacy Backpack program is a critical adjunct to school based reading and writing development, otherwise more than half of every day is devoid of reading.

Your donation will assist in the provision of ‘the right’ education resources, carefully selected by the schools, the delivery of a wonderful selection of books of various titles across all topics for the libraries that will enhance the student learning, books chosen by the students through book clubs and taken home to keep, reading materials for the families; a variety of magazine titles and newspapers, National Indigenous Times, Koori Mail.  Much needed education resources and electronic smart boards for the schools, Reader Program Kits that provide more accurate measuring of student progress. 

Your support will change the life of a child, raising expectations and developing literacy across the community.  Join us on this journey!




Children's Health Foundation Queensland


The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation and Children’s Health Foundation Queensland have come together to create a single, new Children's Health Foundation Queensland.

As the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation we have a proud heritage of building support for the Royal Children’s Hospital and pioneering research into child illnesses and injuries. 


As the Children’s Health Foundation Queensland, we will be able to continue this work and so much more. The formation of our new foundation has provided us partnership opportunities to take our activities further afield to gain even greater support and funds for sick kids in regional and rural Queensland.

Since 1986 more than $100 million has been invested into working wonders for sick kids. Imagine what we can do now.

  • Our Belief: The kids come first in everything we do
  • Our Vision: A community of healthier kids
  • Our Mission: Working wonders for sick kids

Lost Dogs Home

All companion animals have unique intrinsic value and are accepted as being capable of feeling and perception. As a consequence they must be responsibly owned and valued by their human counterparts.We will fulfill this mission by performing the following functions:

  • Providing optimal animal shelter services to:
    • facilitate the reunion of lost pets with their owners;
    • maximise pet adoptions;
    • provide animal management services for local and state government authorities;
    • offer quality veterinary services for stray animals and the pets of private clients and
    • manage the National Pet Register to maximise reunions between lost pets and their owners
  • Managing our financial resources effectively and with transparency such that we continue to be financially viable.
  • Fostering a safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable workplace for the public, our staff and the animals in our care.
  • Employing skilled staff and providing them with training opportunities and professional development to advance their skills and careers in an equal opportunity work environment
  • Promoting public awareness for The Lost Dogs’ Home, our Vision, Mission and Core Values
  • Managing The Home’s activities and strive for continuous improvement via the Home’s second-party audited Quality Management System.
  • Providing a quality and professional service to all clients, customers and requests for services from the public
  • Educating the public in all aspects of responsible pet ownership
  • Providing strong advocacy for animal welfare policies, procedures, legislation and education in the community, at all levels of government and in the media.
  • Actively supporting campaigns and strategies for the humane management and welfare of the national pet population including compulsory de-sexing and microchipping for all pet cats and dogs.
  • Cooperating and liaising with like-minded animal welfare organizations
  • Fostering research into, and/or gather information relating to, matters affecting animal welfare, pet ownership, the efficacy of animal-related legislation and animal behaviour.
  • Referring any cases of alleged cruelty (reported to The Lost Dogs’ Home) to the appropriate authority or organization for evaluation and further action.

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Victor Chang Cardiac Research Centre

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute (VCCRI) is a biomedical research institute that is committed to excellence in research into heart disease and cardiovascular biology, cardiovascular research training, and facilitating the rapid application of research discoveries to patient care.

Although we address all forms of heart disease, we have as a major focus the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart muscle diseases. We are a leader in adult stem cell technologies and their potential application to the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

We currently have 5 research divisions covering Cardiac Physiology and Transplantation, Developmental Biology, Molecular Cardiology & Biophysics, Molecular Genetics and Structural & Computational Biology.

The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard is an organisation composed entirely of volunteers. Formed in 1961, its aim is to promote safety in the operation of small craft.

It guards the coast in the most effective way: by education; example; examination; and finally by search and rescue.

Marine Operations
  • Radio Monitoring
  • Safety Patrols
  • Vessel Assistance
  • Vessel Tracking
  • Search and Rescue

Sutherland Shire Sailing Club
310 Prince Charles Parade, Kurnell
34º01'S 151º08'E

Hours of operation
0700 till sunset Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays

Base Numbers
Ph: (02) 9668 9888
Fax:(02) 9668 8569

Call Sign
VMR275 Coast Guard Solander

Frequencies monitored
27.88, 27.86 MHz
VHF 16, 67, 73 and 81 repeater
MF/HF 2182, 2524

Area served
Maroubra NSW to Stanwell Park NSW including Botany Bay Georges River and Port Hacking.

Bairo Pite Clinic - AFAP

Founded in 1999 by Dr Dan Murphy (known to the Timorese as Dr Dan), this internationally recognised hospital continues to struggle under the weight of its own success, treating between 300 and 500 patients every day, while battling to find the money to fund this free, essential healthcare service for the Timorese.

Timor-Leste (East Timor) – Our Close Neighbour

This country of 1.2 million people has an infant and maternal death rate that is the highest in South East Asia and the Pacific.
Curable and treatable diseases are among the leading causes of death, with the average life expectancy in Timor-Leste of 56 years, compared with 82 years in Australia. The current total healthcare budget of Timor-Leste, including all related services, amounts to 10 cents each person, per day.

Bairo Pite Hospital Timor-Leste

Bairo Pite Hospital (BPH) has been formed by merging an Australian not-for-profit company, which was established to develop a hospital facility in Timor-Leste to provide services unavailable there, and the pre existing Bairo Pite Clinic (henceforward Bairo Pite Hospital). 
The merged organisation’s goals are to:
• properly support and continue the extensive medical care that has been delivered to the people of Timor-Leste for the last 12 years through Bairo Pite Clinic (BPC)
• improve existing medical, surgical, obstetric, paediatric and allied health services of BPC with a strong emphasis on individual volunteer medical staff and visiting specialist
teams assisting permanent staff
• to rebuild the clinic on land over which there is secure tenure and develop a hospital on the same site with an emphasis on both treatment and training
• develop facilities only at the pace that funding can be secured, always ensuring there is committed operationalfunding for at least five years in advance
• build capacity in Timor-Leste such that the Hospital will eventually be owned and operated by the people of Timor-Leste.
BPH is run by 50 Timorese staff and three permanent international volunteers. It has built a strong Board, with extensive policies delivering good governance and a high standard of financial management, and has drawn many skilled and dedicated people and organisations to assist in these goals.
The Existing Bairo Pite Clinic (now Bairo Pite Hospital) Bairo Pite Hospital, one of the most highly visited health care providers in Timor-Leste:
• treats between 300 and 500 patients a day
• provides inpatient care to 50 patients
• provides accident and emergency care
• offers maternity and birthing care - there are over 100
deliveries per month at BPH
• conducts the largest tuberculosis diagnosis and management program in Timor-Leste
• provides immunisation clinics
• offers dental services
• conducts village healthcare worker and lay midwife training
• facilitates quality medical teaching.

International Fund for Animal Welfare (Australia)

From the outset, the founders of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, or IFAW, rejected the notion that the interests of humans and animals were separate. Instead they embraced the understanding that the fate and future of harp seals-and all other animals on Earth-are inextricably linked to our own.

IFAW's courageous actions drew international attention to the plight of the seal pups and successfully rallied worldwide condemnation of the hunt. Thanks to IFAW's continued vigilance, it is now illegal to hunt whitecoat seal pups for commercial purposes on the ice floes off Canada's east coast. This is a fragile victory, however, for Canada's commercial seal hunt persists. IFAW continues to document and expose abuses of the commercial hunt and press for an end to this cruel, unsustainable slaughter. Over the years, the small team of committed campaigners reaching out to help seals has grown to become the world's leading international animal welfare organization. IFAW begins its fourth decade of operation with teams of experienced and dedicated campaigners, legal and political experts, and internationally acclaimed scientists working from offices in countries around the world.

We are now joined in this important work by 1.2 million supporters worldwide. This broad base of support makes it possible for IFAW to engage communities, government leaders, and like-minded organizations around the world and achieve lasting solutions to pressing animal welfare and conservation challenges-solutions that benefit both animals and people. Over the years, our approach has been as varied as the species we protect, but our mission has remained constant and simple: to create a better world for animals.

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Watoto Child Care Ministries

Watoto is an holistic care programme that was initiated as a response to the overwhelming number of orphaned and vulnerable children and women in Africa. It is positioned to rescue the individual, raise each one as a leader in their chosen sphere of life so that in turn they will rebuild their nation.  The Watoto model provides for physical care, medical intervention (including HIV/AIDS treatment), education (formal and vocational), counselling and emotional well-being, moral and spiritual discipleship.


CanTeen is the Australian support organisation for 12-24 year olds living with cancer. 

A cancer diagnosis is traumatic at the best of times, but perhaps even more so for a young person. At this stage of their lives they will already be experiencing issues relating to their identity, independence, relationships and career; and whilst cancer is not a death sentence, it can mean the start of a long process of painful treatment and years of uncertainty.

The inspiration behind CanTeen is the belief that young people are better able to cope with the uncertainties of a cancer diagnosis through meeting and talking with other young people who have had a similar experience and understand exactly what they are going through.
CanTeen's mission is to support, develop and empower young people living with cancer. We do this by providing an Australia-wide peer support network for 12 to 24 year-olds, who include:
• Patients - young people who have been diagnosed with cancer
• Siblings & Offspring - young people who have an immediate family member (brother, sister, parent or primary carer) who has been diagnosed with cancer; and
• Bereaved Siblings & Offspring - young people who have had an immediate family member die from cancer.
We provide Members with a place where they can simply be young people, away from the day-to-day pressures that come from living with cancer in the hospital or at home.

Through a wide range of camps and programs, CanTeen encourages Members to share their experiences, make great friends...and of course, have fun!



Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute is an independent, internationally renowned medical research facility. Our work extends from the laboratory to wide-scale community studies with a focus on diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania


Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania (CFT) works to promote research, increase awareness of cystic fibrosis and provide education, support and advocacy for our members and the wider community.

  • Clinics
  • Equipment hire
  • Financial assistance
  • Worshops

  • Our Events
  • Host an event
  • Sponsor and event

  • Join Us
  • Newsletters
  • Life Members

  • Volunteer
  • Social Activities
  • Annual report
  • Library


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Meals on Wheels has had a place in the hearts and homes of Australians for more than 50 years.  Helping the frail older people and younger people with disabilities and their carers stay in their own homes where most are happiest is at the heart of the matter.
Every day a friendly smile, a chat about the weather, a nutritious meal and knowing someone will drop by to say hello, changes the lives of many Australians.  And it's not just the clients who value this contact.  Ask any of the 35,000 NSW volunteers and they will tell you reaching out and making a difference in somebody else's day, makes their day. 
Independence is something we all value and to have that taken away through not being able to go to the shops for groceries or to cook regular meals, should not be an obstacle to autonomy.

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Who we are

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) is the national body for prostate cancer in Australia. The PCFA plays a vital role in the fight against prostate cancer and devotes all of it resources towards reducing the impact of prostate cancer on the community.

Our goals

  • reduce the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men, their partners, their families and the communit
  • fund research into the causes, detection, diagnosis and improved treatment of prostate cancer
  • provide information, support and counselling to those affected by prostate cancer
  • raise community awareness of the incidence of prostate cancer, thereby encouraging earlier detection and more effective treatment of the disease.
  • represent the interests of all Australian men diagnosed with prostate cancer. 

We work to raise awareness and attract widespread financial support for the work of the Foundation to:

Lifeline Australia

Lifeline provides access to crisis support, suicide prevention and mental health support services.

Somewhere in Australia there is a new call to Lifeline every minute. People call Lifeline’s 24 hour crisis support service 13 11 14 about many things including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Abuse and trauma
  • Physical or mental wellbeing
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • Stresses from work, family or society
  • Information for friends and family

Lifeline also provides national services and campaigns that promote emotional wellbeing, encourage help seeking, and address suicide prevention and awareness.

Our goal is:

To provide care and support to children and youth in need by providing recreation, education and activities that build life skills as a foundation for a brighter future.

The Girls and Boys Brigade believe that all children deserve a bright future.

To achieve this GBB provides a safe and trusting place for our local children and youth to build resilience, practical life skills and healthy relationships through recreation activities, educational support and personal encouragement.

GBB cares for children, youth and their families who often experience significant socio-economic challenges in their lives.

We welcome cultural diversity and respect differing family values and circumstances.


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