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David Wirrpanda Foundation

The David Wirrpanda foundation exists to IMPROVE THE LIFE OUTCOMES OF INDIGENOUS CHILDREN by Promoting strong role models and healthy life choices. 2005 saw the launch of the David Wirrpanda Foundation through the support of Woodside Energy Ltd as founding sponsor.

The focus is to

  • Increase the retention of indigenous students in school, and
  • Improve their life choices after leaving school by encouraging further study or entry into the workforce.

Since commencing operations in 2005, the Foundation has established successful programs in Perth and the Shire of Roebourne School attendance and behaviour has improved.

Mentoring by West Coast Eagles footballer David Wirrpanda, Troy Cook, Bianca Franklin, Shannon McGuire and other indigenous role models are an important part of the Foundation’s work.

The foundation has established strong links with the communities in which it operates as well as obtaining funding from sponsors and government sources.

Major sponsors of the Foundation include Rio Tinto, Pilbara Development Commission, the West Coast Eagles Supporter’s Club, Lotterywest and Commonwealth Grants.

The Foundation now plans to build on these successes by expanding its operations in Perth and throughout regional WA.

Victims of Crime SA


Victim Support Service (VSS) is a statewide, community based not-for-profit organisation in South Australia. Qualified staff and trained volunteers provide a comprehensive range of services for adults and older adolescents who have experienced crime. This includes individual crime victims, their families, friends and the wider community. We are a non-government organisation working in partnership with communities, police and other organisations across regional, rural and metropolitan areas.


join Your Voice with One Voice and Together we can be the Difference.





17,850 children under 12 live on the streets every night in Australia.


These kids have to sleep rough or seek alternate shelter, others are referred to emergency accommodation, with the worst facilities also housing drug addicts, convicted criminals and the severely mentally ill.


Family breakdown and domestic violence are two of the main reasons young Australians feel they must escape their existing circumstances, even though the alternative is risky and uncertain. Homeless youth are highly likely to become homeless adults, if they survive that long. You can help change this.




To provide support for young Australians who find themselves either homeless, at-risk of becoming homeless or living in abusive enviroments.




We're in the final stages of building Australias first mobile hygiene facility to offer homeless people a place to shower, shave and brush their teeth in a safe environment, helping restore some dignity in peoples lives.


We will also use this service to build relationships with young people to assess their needs and skills and find those who want to make some changes in life, these kids will be offered placements in our proposed accommodation and training centre in 2014. The centre will offer secure housing and training within a supportive environment that prepares young people for independent living and employment opportunities.




One Voice seeks to partner with individuals, businesses and companies to help bring life to young Australians doing it tough or sleeping rough.


Goods and Services

Individuals and businesses can help by donating goods or services. Every dollar we save helps a young Australian get back on track. Our charity starts in Our Backyard.


Financial Donations

Through your generous financial support you can help young Australians achieve their dreams, some kids just dont get a chance like other kids do.


Water Equals Life - for Aussie Kids

Purchase our Australian Spring Water to help us raise funds and achieve our vision.


Click HERE for more information


If you would like to join Your Voice with One Voice please CONTACT US


One Voice is a registered not-for-profit Australian Charity

All donations over $2 are tax deductible (abn: 73 613 678 967)


Maitland Hospital Foundation

The Maitland Hospital Foundation is a separate not-for-profit entity from The Maitland Hospital. The Foundation works closely in partnership with the hospital to determine funding needs.

The Foundation will provide a permanent source of funds, external to the hospital's 'normal' Government funding to support the ongoing development of comprehensive, high quality health services for our community.

The Maitland Hospital Foundation, through its Board, staff and volunteers will develop key community partnerships and fundraising sponsorships to facilitate important achievements for the hospital and the general health of the community.


Funds raised will be used to provide additional state of the art equipment and facilities, support education and training of staff and make improvements that will enhance the patient and carer experience when they access the hospital.

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Jewish Community Council Victoria (JCCV)

We are the peak body of the largest Jewish community in Australia, representing almost sixty major religious, political, cultural, welfare, educational, religious and social Jewish organisations in this State.

Through consultation, advocacy and working with government, other faith and ethnic communities, the media, service providers and the general public, the JCCV advances the welfare, standing and interests of the Jewish community of Victoria.

As such, the JCCV is the voice of Victorian Jewry.

Our website offers a range of options that inform you about our work, the community we represent and Jewish life in general. We invite you to start exploring.


Sands Victoria provides support to parents and families who have experienced the death of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death.

Immediate and ongoing support is provided by Parent Supporters offering peer-to-peer telephone counselling, email and online chat, support groups, grief-related resources and education programs for families, community workers and health professionals. Importantly, all parent supporters are trained volunteers and can truly understand and empathise because they have themselves experienced the death of a child. Sands Victoria creates a community of parents and families.

Sands Victoria strongly believes that sharing with others who have had similar experiences of bereavement can assist parents to work through the often intense grief which follows the death of a child. Parent supporters help to encourage acceptance, reassurance and hope for the future.  This support network facilitates increased understanding, validation and belonging.

Established in 1983, Sands Victoria is a community based charity, which relies upon volunteers, donations, sponsorship and community partnerships to sustain its service delivery.


Victorian Aids Council Inc

The Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) is engaged in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Our role is to reduce the transmission of HIV and to preserve the independence, dignity and health of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Nowhere in the world is there room to be complacent about the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The United Nations estimates that at the end of 2005 there were 38.6 million people worldwide living with HIV. So far Australia has had a successful response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. However, since 1994 the number of people newly diagnosed with HIV has steadily increased - in Australia over 26,268 people have been infected with HIV.

The fight against HIV/AIDS is complex and difficult. Services provided to the community by VAC need to be expanded and in some cases diversified to meet growing challenges. Money raised for VAC goes towards funding:

- Counselling services for individuals and couples who are infected with, affected by or at risk of contractingHIV/AIDS.

- Specific services designed to meet the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS.

- A community health clinic in St Kilda provided specifically for people living with HIV/AIDS

- Health promotion programs which use a range of preventative and health promotion strategies to at risk and/or affected communities.

Forgotten Australians Coming Together Inc.

The governing body of Tuart Place is Forgotten Australians Coming Together Inc. FACT is Western Australia’s representative body for people who were in out-of-home care during childhood, including Former Child Migrants from the UK and Malta, and Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian-born care leavers.
The Late Laurie Humphreys JP, an ex-resident of Bindoon Boys Town, was instrumental in the formation of FACT. As an organisation started by care leavers for care leavers, FACT’s understanding of this area is informed by first-hand knowledge.
FACT was formally launched in 2009 with the aim of providing support to anyone who had experienced out-of-home care in WA. As of July 2012 FACT is a public benevolent institution and a deductible gft recipient. Any donations above $2 to FACT are tax deductible.
In 2011 FACT commissioned extensive research to inform the development of a WA Resource Service. The findings of this research, which included a Consultative Workshop and a postal survey sent to 961 Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants, supported key recommendations of the Senate Inquiries and existing research in Australia and overseas.
This information was used to develop Tuart Place. The agency’s continuing improvement will be informed by feedback from service users and external evaluations.

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Lions are about giving back to their communities.


Lions Australia supports medical research, people with disabilities, emergency relief and leadership , development through its projects and activities.

Lions Clubs are part of community life, in the cities and in the country. Clubs are easily identified by their distinctive Logo, the trademark of the Association, and the 'We Serve'; motto seen on road signs throughout the country.


Membership is open to all people of the community in good standing.
Clubs may either provide service or raise money for their community.
Most of the money raised goes back into the community, either directly or indirectly through National and International Projects.
Lions are an international network of 1.3 million men and women in 200 countries and geographic areas who work together to answer the needs that challenge communities around the world. Known for working to end preventable blindness, Lions participate in a vast variety of projects important to their communities.
These projects range from cleaning up local parks to providing supplies to victims of natural disasters.
Our men and women conduct vision and health screenings, build parks, support eye hospitals, award scholarships, assist youth, provide help in time of disaster and much more. 
Join us in making our communities and the world better places to live.

Every year in Australia

  • 68,000 children are hospitalised
  • 2500 babies are stillborn
  • Around 44,000 newborn babies require the help of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or Special Care Nursery
  • Up to 1000 babies sadly lose their fight for life.
There are a significant number of added stressors that are placed on Dads and their families during this time.
Pillars of Strength is an Australian first charity which provides ‘Time Out’ and In Hospital support programs for Dads while their baby is sick in hospital and also to bereaved dads after the loss of their baby.
It was formed to fill a gap in men’s health and mental health support sector providing support for Dads so they can support others, especially the baby’s mother.
For further information or to access our service please visit

Dragons Abreast Australia

Our aim is to:
*help people with a diagnosis of breast cancer understand that they can still lead full and active lives despite physical limitations imposed by breast cancer;
*encourage people to “achieve their dream” of regaining an active, adventurous lifestyle despite a diagnosis of breast cancer;
*give a face to the breast cancer statistics;
*promote wellness, fitness, fun and camaraderie for breast cancer survivors not only within Australia but also internationally
*ensure breast cancer remains firmly in the public eye until such a day as a cure is found.


The members that race in dragon boats are the very public face of Dragons Abreast.   To those who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer we are an inspiration and to the wider community we are a demonstration of tenacity in not being cowed by the disease. On top of this is the determination to ensure that the image which Dragons Abreast promotes will continue to grow and remain in the public eye until such time as the insidious disease, breast cancer, is beaten.

We paddle to demonstrate there is quality of life despite a breast cancer diagnosis. By being part of the team we help each other regain that sense of wellness, self-confidence and control in our lives. Although physically demanding, being involved in a dragon boat creates a new state of awareness. It is exhilarating and lots of fun. It promotes teamwork and at the same time helps overcome the isolation that a diagnosis of breast cancer can often bring. It gives participants a deep sense of pride in their accomplishments as they feel themselves become fitter and stronger with the passing weeks.

We also paddle in memory of our friends who have lost their competition with breast cancer, to ensure that their struggle is remembered and honored.Yes we compete in dragon boat regattas, but our race is against breast cancer. We are proud that our presence, wherever we go, gives a “face” to the breast cancer statistics and in so doing actively promotes breast cancer awareness in the wider community.

Whilst not intended as a support group, friendships made in Dragons Abreast provide a unique support network at a grass roots level for people with breast cancer. We come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Many of us haven’t done any sport since we left school. What we all share is that we are all living with breast cancer. Sporting prowess is not one of our criteria for participation - we welcome all comers!


Sunassist Volunteer Helpers Inc. was established in 1981 in Mildura as a charitable organisation offering a not for profit service to assist and support people living with disabilities and the frail aged, and their carers.  For thirty years, Sunassist has focussed on maintaining people with disabilities and the frail aged who are without family or social support and are unable to access private or public transport to meet their basic needs, therefore improving their independence and quality of life.
As the needs of the community have increased, Sunassist has developed new services in partnership with other local community organisations to meet the community needs.  These services are delivered by over 200 fantastic and dedicated volunteers who provide its range of support services which includes Meals on Wheels, Community Transport, Escorted Shopping, Friendly Visiting, Phoneassist, After Hours Community Transport, The Transport Connections Project and the L2P program which involves volunteers mentoring young people to learn to drive which increases their future education and employment opportunities.
Sunassist will continue to develop new and exciting services and welcomes the support of the community by either volunteering or support through donations.

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Dress for Success Sydney

Dress for Success Sydney is an affiliate of Dress for Success Worldwide based in the USA.  We are an incorporated, not for profit organisation run by volunteers.  Our mission is to support women experiencing difficulties in achieving self-sufficiency and financial independence.
Dress for Success Sydney provides appropriate clothing and styling advice for women who may be seeking to re-enter the workforce after a period of unemployment, women who may need to dress formally for a range of other situations such as appearances in court, attending a funeral, returning to the community after a period of imprisonment or any other circumstances when access to our services would make a difference.  
Dress for Success Sydney can also provide support in terms of building confidence for a job interview, resume writing assistance or simply a friendly, supportive environment for women who may just need a little extra help to move forward.

Pyjama Foundation

Bronwyn’s Story
Founder and Director of The Pyjama Foundation and Queensland Australian of the Year 2009
When Bronwyn Sheehan realised that children in care were not being given the same opportunities in life as other children she decided to do something about it…
I founded The Pyjama Foundation 8 years ago now, to contribute to the lives of kids in care. I wanted to do something that would be positive and that would have the benefit of changing the direction of their precious little lives.  Education equates to quality of life.
The reason I started The Pyjama Foundation is my oldest daughter Kate went through primary school with a child in care. I met her foster carer and I was blown away by her commitment to these children. This lady had been a carer for 30 years and had had over 100 children in her home. One day I was visiting her and she had a baby boy in her arms who was only 18 months old.  This little boy had been in care for less than 24 hours, had the worst cold I have ever seen and had arrived in foster care in the middle of January with a Coles bag full of winter clothes. The reason he had winter clothes was to cover up his precious body, which was covered in bruises. He had big brown eyes, and if the eyes are the window to the soul, then his little soul had experienced far too much already. He broke my heart. I knew in that moment that I wanted to do something for kids in foster care.”
The issue is that there are now 39 000 children in foster care in Australia.  These children have been removed from their original homes for their own safety, and have often missed out on many positive experiences life has to offer. This pool of children also has the worst educational outcomes of any group of children in Australia (AIHW).  Statistics also show that 92% of children in foster care have below average reading skills by the time they are only seven years of age, and it is a struggle for them to catch up.
The single most important activity you can do to improve your children’s literacy skills is to read book aloud to them. So that is what The Pyjama Foundation does. We screen and train volunteers called Pyjama Angels, our Pyjama Angels are matched with a child in foster care, they visit the same child every week, for 1.5 hours to read books aloud, play educational games and work on their numeracy skills. I am surrounded by fantastic volunteers, who are so committed to the child they visit.  Some of my volunteers have been with their child for eight years. The relationship which forms is fantastic, the children are often waiting on the footpath for their Pyjama Angel to arrive.

Kylie Johnston Lung Cancer Network

The Kylie Johnston Lung Cancer Network is an initiative of The Australian Lung Foundation which aims to provide support, hope and understanding to the 8000 Australians given a lung cancer diagnosis each year.

Kylie was a non-smoking healthy young 27 year old when she was diagnosed. She sought support, but could only find a breast cancer support group which was unable to address her needs. Kylie was adamant that future generations of people touched by lung cancer would be supported and began to advocate for better lung cancer patient support, information, and research. 

In mid 2006, Kylie and her husband Nick took part in a challenge to raise awareness and funding for lung cancer by flying in a hot air balloon across the Simpson Desert.  Kylie rose to the occasion and with all her heart and might, succeeded - in addition, she became a great source of inspiration to a great many Australians. The Kylie Johnston Lung Cancer Network is the result of this journey.

Tragically, on the 9th November 2007 – National Lung Cancer Awareness Day, Kylie Johnston, passed away after her four and a half year fight to survive lung cancer. Family and loved ones surrounded her at the time of her death. 

Following are some words from other patients and carers whose lives, Kylie touched:
  • “Kylie's memory will live on and more importantly through her enthusiasm and drive, others will be helped”
  • “She was an inspiration for a lot of us dealing with or having dealt with lung cancer”
  • “I received emails from Kylie offering so much support and assistance and this I will never forget”.

We were all privileged to know Kylie and to work with her to create this Network. She has left us with a wonderful legacy.



Austin Health comprises the Austin Hospital, Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital (HRH) and the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre (RTRC).
Austin Health operates 980 beds across acute, sub-acute and mental health with a 2011-12 annual operating budget of more than $700 million.
Austin Health is an internationally recognised leader in clinical teaching and training, affiliated with eight universities. In addition, it is the largest Victorian provider of training for specialist physicians and surgeons. 

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Lamm Jewish Library of Australia

The Lamm Jewish Library of Australia sees the merger of Makor Jewish Community Library with the communal libraries of Kadimah, the Holocaust Centre and the Jewish Museum, as well as the archives of the Australian Jewish Genealogical Society and the Australian Jewish Historical Society.
The newly expanded library is housed at 304 Hawthorn Road, in the property adjacent to Beth Weizmann Community Centre. The new facility provides improved access to all library collections, increased programs for the community and will serve as a hub for communal educational and cultural activity.
The State Government under former Premier John Brumby gave its seal of approval to the project in November 2010 when it presented the Zionist Council with a $1 million dollar grant for the expansion of the Makor Jewish Community Library. The grant was conditional upon matching funds being provided and the generous donation by Rafi Lamm and his parents Danny and Rolene has more than met that condition.
Dr Danny Lamm, immediate past president of the ZCV and current president of the ECAJ, said “The Lamm Jewish Library of Australia is poised to be a cornerstone of Jewish communal life and our family is delighted to be directly involved in its foundation and future development.”
Library Director Leonie Fleiszig noted “A small, humble Jewish library that began with a few books in a room at the first Beth Weizmann in St Kilda Road in the mid-1980s, will now be an invaluable community resource.” 2012 also marked 50 years of combined library service by Fleiszig and her predecessor Ros Collins, Makor’s first library director and a dedicated volunteer for the last decade. The two began working together at Makor in 1987. In 2010 the ZCV honoured Ros Collins with a Community Volunteer Award for her commitment.
The Lamm JLA, a modern hub of multi-faceted Jewish learning, includes state-of-the-art computer software, with cataloguing available in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. More than 30,000 books are available on the library shelves and thousands of audio-visual materials including dvds, cds, video cassettes, posters, journals in English, Hebrew and Yiddish are included in the collection. In addition to incorporating collections from Kadimah, the Holocaust Centre and the Jewish Museum, the library has received the private collection of Serge Liberman, the Ecological Society’s collection, Bereaved Parents and Glen Eira Library’s Judaica collection.
A new reception and security entrance provides safe entry to people who want to utilise the library, meeting spaces for community organisations, private areas for study and research, and open areas for discussion, book clubs, children’s story time and film screenings.

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is the largest autism-specific service provider in Australia and has been supporting children with autism and their families for over 40 years.

Each year Aspect reaches out to over 7,000 people with a wide range of services to meet their needs. Whilst Aspect receives some government funding, mainly for its educational services, some of its programs such as early intervention and family support rely on the generosity of the community.

When you make a donation to Aspect your money will be directed towards early intervention services to assist young children with autism to gain vital social and communication skills during the important early developmental years.
If you wish to view further information on Aspect or autism please see our website

Alpine Search and Rescue Victoria Inc


Background to alpineSAR

AlpineSAR had its genesis in the Victorian Nordic Rescue Service (VNRS), which was formed in 1979 as a skilled volunteer cross-country ski search and rescue group.

Within 12 months of formation VNRS established a subgroup to provide cross-country ski patrol services at Mt St Gwinear and shortly thereafter at Lake Mountain. VNRS also assisted with the establishment of ski patrols at Mt Stirling and at Mt Reynard (as part of the SES Maffra Unit). As these groups matured they evolved into separate independent patrols at their own mountains.

In 2003 VNRS extended its membership criteria to also experienced bush walkers as well as skiers.

VNRS became Alpine Search and Rescue Victoria Inc. in 2007.

Search Call Outs

AlpineSAR members are called out for search and rescue as part Bush Search and Rescue (BSAR) by Victoria Police Search and Rescue Squad.

When requested to join a search, available members gather at a central meeting place from where a Victoria Police bus takes us to the search control area. Often searches happen in bad weather and difficult terrain. We work in small teams, with other BSAR and emergency services personnel. While we may come back into base by the end of the day, we are just as likely to stay out overnight, depending on the search area we have been allocated. The number of searches varies but may be from one to five a year. Members are not required to attend every search.

The most rewarding aspect of membership is when a search is successful – finding the lost person or group, helping them with any first aid, and organising to get them out of the bush and back to their families is a great outcome. Sometimes though the search is wound up without the person being found. We have a peer support program that assists with personal debriefing as a routine part of the whole process. Searchers responding to a call out are expected to be able to spend three days in the field. On a large search a second call out will bring in fresh legs and allow the search to continue for extended periods.

Ovarian Cancer Australia


Ovarian Cancer Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation that provides support and advocacy for people affected by ovarian cancer, and is the peak body for ovarian cancer awareness and prevention. Our programs are focused on:
Promoting awareness of ovarian cancer and its symptoms in the community
  • Providing support networks and resources to women and their families and friends affected by ovarian cancer
  • Advocating with medical professionals, government and the media for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer
Please make a donation and in 2010 you can help us to continue our awareness, support and advocacy programs. 
Aswell as develop new initiatives including a community ambassador program to raise awareness at a local level, committees in each state to grow our profile and networks around Australia, and expansion of our support services for women with ovarian cancer in rural & regional areas and their families and friends.

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