Support all your favourite charities from a single donation

OneDonation allows you to set up a single budget for all your giving and divide it up across as many recipient organisations as you wish. This keeps you in control, is more flexible, and allows you to give to more varied organisations that you could by visiting multiple websites. 

One payment. Multiple charities. One tax receipt

Make one simple secure payment, distributed to multiple charities with one tax deductible donation receipt. Make tax time easy with one single donation receipt and choose not to share your details with the recipient charities.

Stay anonymous and stay in control

All your donations are in one place. You can login any time and alter donation amounts, change charities or frequency of giving or simply STOP the process. You are in control.

How much should you give?

According to the Peter Singer in his book "The Life You can Save", there are several steps that one can take to become a part of the solution to world poverty.

Singer first recommends visiting the book's website, for resources, but also to consider taking a pledge to meet his standard of giving. This pledge, Singer argues, increases the odds that you will give. Singer next argues that one should use those provided resources, to effectively decide which organization(s) to donate to.

  One can use their last tax return to determine how much to give. Singer's standard is1% of net income. Singer next suggests deciding how much to donate, contending     that even donating less money than his "standard" is undebatably still a good thing to do. Finally the author says that one should donate.

  Singer further suggests taking steps to foster a culture of giving. He recommends using all available social networks to let others know that they, like you, can be a     small part of the solution. This is to be done carefully, staying positive and completely avoiding the emotion of guilt (since cognitive dissonance is already quite high in discussions of charity). He also argues that one should suggest, to their employing institution, that they set up pay scheme in which employees can explicitly opt-out of giving 1% of their pre-tax income to charity. Writing a letter to one's local representative (to let them know you want your country's foreign aid directed to the world's poorest people only) is recommended by Singer.

  Singer maintains that the last, important step of donating is to feel good about making a difference. He argues that too much guilt may result in inaction, dooming the poor.

  Also interesting is his article What Should a Billionaire Give and What Should You? by Peter Singer The New York Times Magazine, December 17, 2006